Monday, September 22, 2014

The Twelve ( or so ) Best Philosophical Questions

The Twelve Best Philosophical Questions

Along with All The Crazy ‘Philosophical’ Questions that may be forever UnAnswerable

Because there’s no Empirical Evidence Related to them to Chew on.

But there are Certainly Plenty of Experimental or Heuristic Inquiries that may be ‘Difficult’

But are Certainly Answerable in Some Sense?

~ The Best Questions ~

  1. What is Worthwhile?
  2. How much Magick is there in The World?
  3. Why do souls become Incarnate?
    ~ Test Questions for The Maitreya ~
  4. How can i determine if a question has been answered?
  5. Is there such a thing as a paradox?
  6. What are the necessary attributes of gawd?
  7. How could freewill possibly work?
  8. Does consciousness ‘do’ anything?
  9. Is goodness real?
  10. Is the universe so cruel, that it allows us to be aware that we are robots?
  11. What is respect?
  12. Why do we dream?
  13. Why do smart people let dumb people run the world?
  14. What is Beauty?
  15. What is The Best Way to Tell If An Idea is A Good Idea or A Bad Idea?
  16. Are all Numbers as Real as The Real Numbers? / Are Irrational Numbers Real?
  17. What is Human Nature?
  18. In The War Against Terrorism ( Circa 2000-2050 ) It was widely disseminated to The Western Civilizations that The Arabs/Muslims believed that when they died while fighting Conventionally in a Jihad, or Using themselves as an AIDS ( Autonomous Incendiary Delivery System ); They would be rewarded to Their Version of Heaven with 40 Virgins & Innumerably Other Sensory Pleasures. Western Soldiers may not Entirely Buy Into The 40 Virgins Part, But they Usually accept that they will be Rewarded for Their Part in Their Holy Crusade with Similar Pleasures in A Heaven Administered by Their Lord & Savior Jesus H. Christ. = The Question is: What if The Soldiers on Either Side were Taught by their Religious Source, That While Fighting in A Given War; They would be Brobdingnagianly Helping their Community and Allowing Their Children, Legitimate or Misbegotten, To Be Raised Under All The True & Holy Scriptures, As opposed to being Conquered by Heathens & Taught Only how to Burn in Hell— But: They themselves, If killed in Combat would be Condemned to The Everlasting Furnace of Hades. Would War remain as Popular as it is Today ?
  19. If it were possible to Create Or Locate A Genuine Utopian Paradise, Garden of Eden, A Society of Perfect Economic & Social Equity with Freedom & So On; Would it be Ethical to Force Everyone to Live There? That is; Is it The Responsibility of The Haves to Force The Havnots to Adopt their Mores, Technology, Spiritual Insights, Liberal Arts & Judicial Constitution? It’s entirely reasonable that The Haves should offer Inclusion to The Havnots, But what if The Havnots, In their Pathetic Desire to Remain Autonomous, Seeing The Freedoms of The Have’s Paradise as Corruptions of Their Own Devine Virtues.
  20. Where are all The Aliens...?
  21. What is The Underlying Phenomena behind The Many Classes of Quixotic Experiences? ( Such as Flying Saucers, Ghosts, CryptoAnimals, ESP, Death Related Occurrences & Religious Miracles )
  22. Is it reasonable to think of people as good or bad...?
  23. Why is Being a Humanimal Illegal...? / Why do Humanimals Assert that they are Not Animals by Covering themselves with The Skins of Animals?
  24. Is DNA a Red Herring...?
  25. Should the Edicts that make Evolution So Successful; Be The Foundations of Ethics & Morality, Or Are these Ordinances Exactly Contrary; Not just to Our Desired Social Constraints, But to The Functionality of Any Viable Civilized Community...?
  26. Are The Labels Applied to Various Emotional Responses ( Like Love ); Fabrications from Whole Cloth that are Attached/Associated to Specific Behaviours that have Absolutely No Foundations in Their Emotional Descriptions...?
  27. Do We See Ideas, or Things...?
  28. Do Angels Choreograph Our Lives...?
  29. What would you have to add to a thinking machine to make it Conscious...?
  30. Given that Secrets are The Root of Political Power, Would a Society without Secrets give The People More Political/Economic/Judicial Security &/or Freedom...?
  31. It's been suggested that if you make a person think that they are thinking, they will love you, But if you actually make them think, then they will hate you. If this is accurate; Might it also be the case that If you insist to someone that they are Free, they will eagerly believe that they are Free, But if you insist that they exercise their Freedom, They will believe that you are trying to Enslave them...?
  32. What are the best candidates for An Intrusive Foot In The Door Argument...? / The Foot In The Door Argument consists of providing Just One Really, Really, Really Good Example of Some Quixotic Phenomena that is Not Merely Unexplainable by Known Physical Laws, But Angrily Defies Them! / Candidates: Ball Lightning / Tornadoes / Consciousness / Gravity / Field Theory / Why are All The Electrons in The Universe Exactly The Same / /---/ The General Power of The Foot In The Door Argument is that Once you have Just One Completely Unambiguous Quixotic Phenomena, It allows that all Other Alleged Quixotic Phenomena should be At The Very Least, Given Some Modicum of Consideration & Further Investigation. / It's easy enough to simply ignore all sightings of Unicorns, Until someone actually puts one on display in A National Zoo Somewheres... Then all subsequent drunken claims of Unicorn sightings, As Well as Bigfeet & Gnomes, have that scratch of legitimacy to them...?
  33. What is Being Smart...? / Encyclopedic Knowledge? / A Deep Understanding of how things fit Together? / Predicting The Future? / Creativity? / Knowing when an idea is Useful? / Seeing what is Inobvious? / Sensing, Intuitively; What is True? / Having a high Survivability Quotient? /
  34. What is The Underlying Structure of Matter?
  35. What is The Underlying Functionality of Forces?
  36. Is Time Travel Possible?
  37. Is Miniaturization Possible?
  38. Is Invisibility Possible?
  39. Is Artificial, Machine Intelligence Dangerous to Biologically Based Intelligence?
  40. In A World of AI & Ubiquitous Robots; What will People do to keep busy?
  41. Is it possible to Experience Satori ( Enlightenment )?
  42. What are people supposed to be doing to keep busy?
  43. Why do People Exist?
  44. Is there a simple principle to know what is Right or Wrong, Without having to refer to A List of Do’s & Don’t’s?
  45. What are Requirements for Getting into Heaven?
  46. What does The Devil Want?
  47. Does Heaven become Tedious?
  48. MetaBestQuestion...?

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