Monday, March 23, 2015

A Certain Genre

A Certain Genre

While at The Library The other day, i found Season Four of Warehouse 13,
a ( -nother ) knockoff of The X_Files, which itself was a knockoff of The Twilight Zone, Which was spawned by a long history of European, Asian & Polynesian Folklore.


This latest spate of cheap burlesque variances included Fringe, The one with The Brothers, Warehouse 13 & maybe some others.


Not included in this genre was SU2 ( Special Unit Two ) which followed The Original ‘Keystone’ Principle of The X_Files, which was to have two Buddies of opposite sexes, spend most of each episode driving around & talking about everything except monsters & The Supernatural. i loved that show, but i probably would have gotten sick of it, if it hadn’t been prematurely canceled with Seven Days when Enterprise Ended. ( ? )


The Anti-Thesis of This; Which was followed Fringe & Warehouse 13, was to overburden The prevailing Mythos of Each Season with layers & layers of extraneous Gobbledegook !


And what was even worse; & what caused me to eject The second disk from my Macbook in mid-episode, was that The Characters kept doing spectacularly stupid things, allowed themselves to be motivated by staggeringly stupid itineraries, & Most Egregious; The Episodes Required as A Fundimental Pretext of The Plot, & Motivation of All The Characters, Was that Everyone had to Constantly engage in Lying to Themselves & Each Other, which included Keeping Secrets which were Destroying themselves & everyone around them.

And The Pacing of The Episodes was Decidedly Soap-Operatic, Which was manifest by their standing around doing nothing, when they should have been running up & down supermarket aisles throwing heavy ceramic ash-trays at people.


The Other thing about Warehouse 13, was that The Principle Actors, where rather unattractive. i endured this show for The first 3 seasons, but i was getting sick of it, so that when i started watching season four, i was already choking down The first four or five or six episodes.

i’m glad that that’s behind me now.


One show that i’ve been watching on Netflix is Spartacus; Which Started out as Blood & Sand, then Something else for Season Two, Then Vengeance, & now i think Season Four is going to wrap it up.

Spartacus features an wondrous amount of Gratuitous Violence, but its all so Comically exaggerated ( by assumed 21st Century References ( ? ) ) that it takes some of The Edge off of it. And you also have to overlook their odd speech cadence, which i assume is their attempt to make us believe that they’re all speaking latin or Roman Italian or Whatever ( ? )

But The Stylization & Painterly Quality of this Show makes watching Commercially Produced Television Unbearable.

Its like going back & watching Hill Street Blues, which at The Time that it came out, everyone thought that it was depicting a New Paradigm of Reality, but now; Watching them, It is Indistinguishable from all The Other Shows of that Era, which looked like they were filmed on a High School Gymnasium’s Stage.


What we ‘Perceive’ as ‘Real’ is constantly changing, & every time it’s knotched up, Real Reality itself becomes less endurable.



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