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Dubious Medical Anomalies

Monday, April 27, 2015 1:21:24 PM

Dubious Medical Anomalies

Occasionally i’ll come across a description of an medical anomaly that doesn’t sound quite right.

A ‘Recent’ Medical Discovery concerns Tetrochromacists.

This is supposedly a Genetic Condition in which The person, who is invariably a female, for genetic reasons, that has an ‘extra’ color cone or rod or whatever in her eyes, that allows her to see ‘more’ colors. ‘These’ ‘More’ colors, We are led to believe, are colors ‘outside’ The Rainbow that ordinary humans & myles can see.

The problem with this is that when you find one of these Tretrochomacists & test her, she can’t really see any additional colors that an ordinary ‘Color Interested Professional’ can see.

That is; Lettuce us allow that there are three groups of Color Seers that in The ‘Healthy’ Spectrum, & any number of additional Color Seers that are in The UnHealthy Spectrum, such as those that are conventionally color blind or color deficiently sighted.

So that leaves all The people with healthy rods & cones in their eyes that can see The Entire Rainbow & a goodly range of greys, browns, whites & blacks.

The Problem is that many ( most ) of these good color seers are color-deaf. That is; They don’t really, or can’t ‘identify’ colors in fine gradations, or distinguish ( verbally ) different shades & tints, or blends of blues, greens, yellows or reds, oranges & yellows— Or understand that there are several colors that are clearly discernible in The Violet, Magenta & Purple Ranges.

These people, When Tested, will perform abominably when asked if two colors are The same or different.

They may, if properly ‘prompted’ or ‘encouraged’ finally acknowledge that two given colors are different, but only after hours or days or frustration, weeping & screaming.

Alternatively; There are Color-Interested-Professionals that take pride in their Pigment Vocabulary & can identify thousands of colors before resorting to ‘Chocolately-Chartreuse’, ‘Musk-Crimson’ or ‘Tangerine-Clitoris’.

When you place these ordinary eye-balls in competition with The Tetrachromancists, they do just as well at identifying laboratory prepared color swatches that are ostensibly outside The Rainbow Spectrum.

Plus; The TetraChromanciests will invariably describe their additional colors in terms of ordinary colors, as opposed to creating names for ‘new’ colors that aren’t any of The ‘usual’ colors. Even if they aren’t very imaginative, i would expect them to refer to their odd colors that transcend The ordinary human spectrum, as super-blues or Not-reds or weird-yellows. ( ? )

Concetta Antico describes a night sky as bursts with Sapphire & Violet, & pink rose in tinged with gold & azure; a stone pathway is a rainbow or oranges, yellows, greens, blues & pale reds.

This sounds much more consistent with The Stendhal Syndrome which is a Physical Disorientation, Confusion with Hallucinations when the victim is exposed to an environment that overwhelms them with an artificiality that they interpret as More Real than Reality. Such as in an Art Museum or Pristine Natural Landscape.

Or Synesthesia; in which a person sees sounds, hears flavors & so on.

Ideasthesia is when a person associates a particular color with a letter or number or a sound with a food.

- - -

Another of these is where a person can’t form new memories. There was one of these on 60_minutes several years ago, & when Morley Shaffer asked him what it was like to have this condition, The patient became very agitated & started shouting at Morley; To The tune of ‘What do you Think it’s like!’ — Where i would think that he would or should have experienced that question for The First Time & Considered The Novelty of it, regardless of how often he actually has to deal with it, or having had this condition.

Again; It turns out that when you carefully examine these kinds of conditions, The patient has The functionality that they are supposed to be lacking, but their inability to access it is ‘psychosomatic’ or some such ! ( ? ) Which doesn’t mean they’re ‘faking’ it, it’s just that there are ‘Subconscious’ ‘blocks’ that are preventing them from experiencing things that their ‘Id’ or ‘SuperConsciousness’ doesn’t want them experience for all The Wrong Reasons.

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