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Villains and Introduction

Friday, April 17, 2015 7:08:30 AM


a few weeks ago i was watching _Warehouse 13_ & suddenly realized that after watching 3 or 4 seasons of this tv program, i was sick of it.

This recently happened again with _The Mentalist_ which i’ve gotten sick of for The same reason that i’ve gotten sick of _Burn Notice_.

_Six Feet Under_ was a slightly different case.  with Six Feet Under; The problem was perhaps exactly The Opposite. The Second Season had a completely different ‘feel’ than The First Season. It had changed from a fun Romp to A Soap Opera.

These other programs, mentioned above, became intolerable because they were always The Same Episode, over & over again. The Formula never Deviated from one ‘week’ to The next.

Along with The Far More Intolerable Phenomena of Building up to an Intractable Season Finale, that is resolved in a very improbable & callously illogical manner in The first or first & part of The Second Episode of The Next Season; Then Immediately Returning to their Usual Template.

One of The things i really liked about Star Trek, The Original Series; Was that each Episode was Written by Different Writers & Directed by Different Directors.

Nowadays; Series’ such as The Mentalist or Warehouse 13 are always written by one Writer, or a small group of writers, or ‘re-written’ & ‘Adapted’ by a Single Writer or A Small Group of Writers that Tailor another Writer’s Idea to ‘Fit’ their Temperament ( ? )

Then They are all Directed by The Same Director or a Small group of Directors.

Nowadays; These Series will invariably have a ‘Myth Arc’ which disallows any episode from deviating ( by much ) from this ‘Bigger’ Story Line.

With _The Mentalist_; This Myth Arc concerns The ‘Super Criminal’ Red John; that The AntiHero; Patrick Jane & The California Bureau of Investigation, along with a Series of minor criminals, play out a Punch & Judy Melodrama each week whose structure is as predictable as an episode of _House_ or The Comix Strip _Cathy_.

- - Main Theme : Villains - -

What i find very annoying about these programs & others;

Is that these Super Villains are so Mediocre. ( ! )

What had Red John done ?

He’s killed 5 or 6 people, in an ostensibly horrific manner, but Jack The Ripper ( circa 1888 ) pretty much wrote The comix book on ‘Horrific’ Murders, since Roman Spectator Sports, Anything Since then is Tepid in Comparison.

Red John is ostensibly clever, thwarting Patrick Jane & The CBI, along with The FBI & The Local News Media from Discovering his identity & agenda.

It seems to me though that once it’s been made clear The Red John is at all Clever, They Spoil Every New Opportunity that they have to Capture him, by Rushing in & Killing everyone that may lead them to more information about him.

When your Heros are dumber than The dumb villains, what fun is that ?

Harry Potter’s Voldemort is supposed to be a Super Villain as well, but what real mischief has he gotten into ? Simple murders are common now, & always have been.

What do i expect from a Super Villain ?

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