Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Recently Experienced Incidents...

  1. i finally got rid of my old Electronic Dictionary, and got a new one... i was very depressed about something or another a few days ago, and spent $100+ on a Franklin SCD-1870. It is supposedly ( according to The Sharper Image Salesperson ) The Latest in Cybernetic Dictionary / Thesaurus Technology. It's pretty nice, and i haven't been able to stump it yet, and it's also doing a pretty good job of guessing what i mean with my misspelled entries...! It also actually 'Talks' and can say most of the words in it... and read the definitions...! The words that it can't speak are the ones that you'd most want it to...!!! Ugh. And It Doesn't sound like the Ubiquitous Computers on T.V. ( aka: Stephan Hawkings! ) So that is VERY GOOD...!!! In fact; it sounds almost just like the voice i had on my Macintosh, which was 'Princess', Tweaked to be just a little faster than the factory settings. Everyone should have an Electronic Dictionary/Thesaurus...!!!
  2. This is a picture of my Elbow Owie about a week after it went All Wooly...!!! And about 4 days after i visited the Waikiki Health Clinic...! ( i changed the bandage about 2 days before this, and it just EXPLODED with pus squirting out all over the place... i screamed & screamed, and no one even paid any attention to me...!!! It seems like the more fuss you make, the MORE likely people are going to ignore you...!!! ) i went to the Waikiki Clinic so that they would Clean it Out...! The last Owie i had like this, i cleaned it out myself, But this one was in such an awkward place, i needed someone else to do it for me... And THEY WOULDN'T...!!! i was first seen by a PA.C ( Nurse / Nurse Practitioner / PA.C / Doctor ) ( ??? ) and then she left, and a 'nurse' ??? came in and just Dabbed it off with Alcohol Swabs...!!! i kept urging her to DIG IT OUT...!!! But she refused...!!! So then she put a bandage on it, and didn't even put any Antibiotic cream on it first...!!! So i was very disappointed with their care...!!! But i did get some Antibiotics out of it... ( 150 mg of Clindamycin ) which may have helped a little... it's coming along now... ( 10+ days later... ) i'm sorry i didn't get any 'good' pictures of it when it was really 'ripe', but i was freaking out too much about it then...!!! i will try to remember to get some better pictures of the next one...!!!

    Figures a & b : Owie 4 days after Health Clinic Visit & Owie Bandage

  3. i don't often lose things...!!! The last/last time i lost something 'major' was about 3 days after i originally became a street person, ( Summer 1979 ( ??? ) ) and that was a really nice First Aid Kit that i'd put together myself... i lost it in Southern Oregon... ( Oh! what is the name of that town... The Shakespeare College town...??? ) This last time i lost something was a little brown bag ( One of my Original Bags that i've had from The Beginning...!!! ) that had my Radio, Various Pens, Two MultiColoured Pencils, ( The kind with four different colours in one lead thinger...??? / I've been trying to find some replacements for these, but i can't find them anywhere...!!! Do you know where i could get some...???!!! ) Tweezers, Fingernail Clippers & Nose Clipping Scissors... ( i can't stand Nose Hairs...!!! and if i pull them out, my nose blows up like a beach ball...!!! ) i think i lost it either on The C Bus or at the Kapolei Library...??? After i rearranged all the replacement items, including a new radio, into some new bags, everything fits better into my backpack, So it is all for The Best... except for all the traumatic emotionality...!!!
  4. About a week ago; i took off The Pacifer that i'd found in Monterey California, because the sucker part was just about to fall off on it's own, and i mentioned to The Gawds that i would like to FIND a new one, and sure enough; within 2 days i Found a new one...!!! It's not quite as nice as the old one, but it's OK. So-- How often to find Pacifers... Except for these two times, NEVER...!!! More PROOF of something or another...!!!
  5. November 14th 2005 : i sent my Pre-Journal ( Scribbily Notebook ) to Jim Leftwich, after he said he wanted some of the images for his website, and now it's been a week, and he still hasn't posted any of them...!!! ( boo hoo hoo...!!! )
  6. November 15 : i had the most UNUSUAL and terrible headache all day long...!!! It was mostly along the left side of my face, from the Faux tooth that i got in August 2004, to just above my Left Eye... i took handfuls of UnAspirins... But they didn't seem to help at all... Then the next day, i felt fine...???
  7. November 20 : Start of new Cold...!!!
  8. Convergences... This is when something WEIRD happens at just the most Opportune, or InOpportune, Moment... Like a-long time ago in Bremertowne... i was experiencing some Mischievious and Amorous thoughts directed at this Crazy Girl, and again just the other day; at a Different Crazy Girl, and in the first case... A Seagul flew over and CRAPPED ON HER HEAD, and in the second case, She Blew out a VERY FLUIDIOUS SNEEZE all down the front of her shirt...!!! In both cases my Amorous & Mischievious thoughts were Terminated Immediately...!!! Don't tell me that Angels don't arrange things... i KNOW they do...!!!

  9. i've been becoming interested in Tardigrades lately...!!! Do you like Tardigrades...??? How could you Not Like Tardigrades... They're ADORABLE...!!!

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drosspriddle said...

i'm glad to hear that "owie" is clearing up! that looks nasty! could you maybe do a piece on the evils of mailart?