Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Infrequent Listener to Art Bell...???

Are you an Infrequent listener to Art Bell
( aka: Coast to Coast AM )

The Premier Radio Program for Heretical News and General Weirdness...!!!

Thursday : January 5th 2006

In Memoriam:
Ramona Bell
Art Bell's beloved wife of fifteen years, Ramona,
died unexpectedly last night after an asthma attack.
At present, the exact cause of Mrs. Bell's death has not been determined.
It apparently took place during her sleep.
Until her death, Art and Ramona Bell had not been apart a day since they were married.
Mrs. Bell had suffered from asthma for years, and took her normal steps to control the attack, which occurred sometime last night in Laughlin, Nevada where the Bells were taking a brief vacation.
Ramona Bell was 47 years old. [ !!! ]
For those who wish to offer their condolences,
send cards and letters (no flowers, please) to:

Art Bell
c/o Premiere Radio Networks
15260 Ventura Blvd, 5th Floor
Sherman Oaks, CA

While i thoroughly enjoy the 'idea' of Art Bell's program;
Since taken over by George Noory,
i've been less inclined to actually listen to it,
Since it usually involves too many crackpots & lunatics
Plus; i'm annoyed that Art & George ( et. al. ( other guest hosts ) )
Don't really 'believe' as much as many of thier listeners,
and Are more concerned with simply producing an interesting, and amusing radio program...??? !!!
But when Art was doing the show;
He would often refer to Ramona and i sensed that their relationship by far & above transcended that of any ordinary marriage...!
When i read this memoriam just now;
It knocked me over with a much greater intensity than any other news story or personal event than since hearing about the murder of Princess Diana...

It's nearly as shocking as seeing a cat get run over...!!!

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