Thursday, July 16, 2009

Hate Crimes

i was listening to the radio this morning and heard that Hate Crimes were in the news again.
Apparently The Republican's hate the idea of a special category of crimes pertaining to, or being measured by the motivation of the crime.

Which i agree with.
What strikes me as very odd about Hate Crimes is that they'll enact some legislation protecting Catholics or Southern Baptists, or Short People... But they will go far out of their way to make sure that the new laws are specifically inclusive to That One Group... And Gawd forbid that they write the law in such a way that it would somehow be interpreted to protect any class of citizenry who was attacked for some needle point identity feature.

It's as if they were under all this annoying pressure to protect the rights of a special group, such as one legged albinos, But they would just loath it if the laws were somehow abused to protect fat people that wear plaid shirts.

i think that the solution should be to Treat all cases of Violence as a Crime of -x- Severity,
While Specifically Excluding certain kinds of crimes which are committed with the mitigating circumstances of accompanying Violence...
That were deemed to be reasonable & constitutionally protected acts of Violence.

It should certainly be protected Violence to commit a street corner stick up,
Especially if the victim resists your robbery, or if you reasonably suspect that they are about to resist your robbery.

Approaching this from the other end, i suspect, will make it much easier to prosecutors to make a reasonable case for reasonable violence and determine when unreasonable violence is being perpetrated.

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