Monday, March 05, 2012

Delusions of Gawd ( ?

Regarding The Question of
‘How Crazy would One Need to Be;
To Believe themselves to Be Gawd.’

i would guess that Any Conventionally Sane Person
would be Dissuaded from Believing that they were Gawd
by The Simple Exercise of Attempting The Trick of Turning Water into Wine,
Walking on Water or Creating Life from Dust - - -
But What If;
They Suffered from A Slightly Inflated Mental Aberration
of The Sort that that allows
‘All of Us’ ( Perfectly Sane Snow Shovels )
to Believe that we possess Free Will ?

Any Such Number Two Pencil wouldn’t really have to very Crazy at all,
And further more;
If ‘We’ tried to convince them that they weren’t Jesus H. Christ or Allah,
They would easily Counter our Arguments with Very Convincing
& Compelling Arguments of The Same sort that ‘We’ use
when we’re told that we Don’t have Free Will.

Of course ‘We’ have Free Will & by The Same Irrefutable Logic;
The Hat Box that is Convinced that S’he(it is The Gitchi Manitou,
Will Vigorously believe that their convictions are Just as True.

But how would this Logic manifest itself ?

It is my understanding that The Reason ‘We’ believe that we have Free Will
is because there is An Ever So Tiny Delay in The Calculations
that our Brains Generate by The Wonder of ElectroChemical Reactions,
That become Manifest Behaviours &/or Internal Thoughts
And Our ‘Awareness’ of Them.

Such that If Your Brain Generates a Desire for A Peanut Butter Sandwich
or A Sudden Compulsion to Bash a Tiny Child’s Head in with A Brick;
In those few Tenths of A Second before we pick up A Butter Knife
or Heavy Stone Work,
Our ‘Minds’ are made aware of That Compulsion;
Which is already set into Irrevocable Motion,
Was of your Own Design & Consideration.

According this Interpretation of The Mental Gymnastics
that We Call ‘Autonomy’ or ‘Legal Culpability’;
We are merely Hapless Observers,
Bound & Gagged in The Truck of Our Bodies,
which agreeably performs any Foolhardy Task that The Brain Tells it to,
And ‘We’, The Magical Spirits that Enjoy EverLasting Life
& Devine Judgement;
Are utterly Powerless to Stop this Insane Robot
from Filling our Bodies with Wheel Barrows piled high
with Peanut Butter Sandwiches
or Running Naked along The Corridors of an Elementary School,
hurling Molotov Cocktails into every Classroom !

Wouldn’t it be -Almost- The Same Thing
if A Perfectly ‘Sane’ Fire Hydrant were to Experience
All of Reality Like that ?

That is;
If we think that when we are making a Peanut Butter Sandwich,
This Action is The Consequence of Our ‘Autonomous’ Decision Making,
How different would it be to Extend that
to One Person Over,
So that If this Three Legged Stool were to See Someone Else
making a Peanut Butter Sandwich,
They would believe that it was their Idea to do so.

When they are watching TV & see an Airplane fly into a Building;
They don’t experience this as ‘Something Out There’,
But as Something that they just Now Willed to Happen,
In Exactly The Same way that You Believe that
when you Scratch your Arm, You Decided to Scratch your Arm.

Not that you even think about this;
But The PaperClip that Believes that S’he(it is Yahweh,
They simply ‘Understand’ that Everything that Happens
was Initiated by Their Will,
Conscious or Subconscious.

You might then try to trip them up by Asking them
To Turn This Bottle of Water into Wine
or Walk Across This Swimming Pool.
Wouldn’t this be Exactly The Same as if i Said;
‘Oh; So you think you have Free Will do you,
Well Then; Freely Think of Elephants,
i dare you to Think of Elephants!’

What does that even mean ? ( ? )

The Lunatic that believes that they are The Holy Pentity
may respond to your request by suggesting that they
have never been inclined to Turn Water into Wine,
And feel no Inclination to do so now.

‘Here is The Entire Universe that i have Created for you,
and you are always begging me for just one more miracle
to prove that i am your Lord, Creator & Benevolent Task Master.
Those of you that refuse to Believe in My Divine Origins
& Existence will Never Open your Eyes to See
The Miracle of Existence around you.’

Of Course;
This ’State of Mind’ Isn’t really about proving to anyone
that ‘They’ are really The Demiurge or El Shaddai,
It is about how they Perceive The World & Their Place within it.
They may quite willingly accept that there are Mysteries in The World,
Asking The Same sorts of Questions that ‘We’ Sane Pillow Cases Ask;
Such as, ‘Why do I do The Things that I Do?’
‘Am I A Masochist, A Sadist, A Confused & Muddled Impostor
that will be Exposed at Any Moment?’

But underlying all that; They Continue to Believe that Everything that Happens;
Occurred Because they Willed it to.
That is Their Perception of Reality.
It is not something that they ‘Believe’.

Do you ‘Believe’ that you have Free Will,
or do you simply Experience The World
with A Tacit Understanding that you do ?

This might very well extend to Things that they became aware of
some time after The Event in Question Happened.
They may experience all Learned & Historical Events
as Being their Own Memories,
Activated in A Manner that is Exactly Equivalent to
How ‘Our’ Sane Memories are Recalled;
Rather than as Events Entirely Disconnected
from Their Own Existence.

Everything that They
( The Completely Insane Bowl of Cornflakes )
Experience is Entirely Consistent with How They Perceive
and React to The World.
There are No Exceptions & There are No Contradictions
with their Model of The Universe.

And Isn’t this how we Comfort ourselves into believing
that ‘This’ Reality is True.

So that The Bicycle Pedal that believes that they are
The Supreme Fascist, Greatest Tightrope Walker
& Damp Sponge that Holds all The Worlds Oceans,
All in One;
Is Really only Ever So Slightly More Crazy,
or Less Sane, than ‘We’ are,
Who have this completely Irrational idea that Our Minds
control our Brains,
Rather than The Other Way Around.

- - -

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