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Another Pointless Rant on Trayvon Martin

Thursday, July 18, 2013 7:17:56 AM

More on Trayvon Martin

Preamble :

This ( Below ) Rant was assembled just after The George Zimmerman Verdict was Announced. Up Until then, The Question of Racial Predetermination was severely Muted; & it would Now Seem that The Question of Racial Profiling was The Elephant in The Kitchen that No One wanted to Acknowledge.

Everyone hoped that George Zimmerman would simply be found Guilty & The Elephant could be led out into The Backyard & Forgotten

But Unfortunately; The Jury Openly Declared that Racial Profiling wasn’t an Issue & that Trayvon Martin had Essentially Committed Suicide by Purchasing Skittles that night. What could he have been Thinking. Skittles! ? He might have saved everyone a lot of trouble by buying Rat Poison instead.
This Rant ( Below ) was thrown together before President Obama came on The TV & Announced that The Jury that acquitted George Zimmerman were Imbeciles.
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In Full Disclosure ( Completely Irrelevant ( But ( ? ) )

i tend to believe that there may be something to this idea that Native Central & South African’s as a Racial Group, are Intellectually Inferiour to Caucasians, Asians & Australians.

It seems curious to me that Australians are not usually distinguished as A Separate Racial Group ( ? )

Actually; i tend to believe that The Gradation of Racial Groups should be subdivided in Much Smaller Sets that are Usually Sited. ( ! )

There’s been plenty of time for Swedes to have distinguished themselves from Italians.
The Kooky thing about this though; Is that this ‘Awareness’ is Completely Useless for Any Kind of Application Whatsoever.

You still have to ‘Judge’ People as Individuals.

This may explain why there’s never been a Major or Even Minor Civilization in Central or South Africa, But you can’t hold that against Job Applicants in Wisconsin.

Why The Central & South African’s completely failed to Socially, Technologically & Aesthetically Evolve While their Progeny did, may be partially explained by Environmental, Meteorological or Botanical Factors.

Additionally; Contemporary ‘Negros’ that have spent generations in Western Civilizations, seem ‘Duller’ as a Group than Their Economically Equivalent Peers, Such as Poor White Trash.

There were certainly many Genuine Genius’ in The General Populations throughout The History of Central & Southern Africa over The Past several Millions of Years, But there were Fewer of them. They were never able to achieve a Critical Mass of ‘Bright’ Contemporaries to Pioneer New Technologies. These Genius’ were consistently treated as OutWorlders, Held with Suspicion & Probably burned as Witches or Killed in Scuffles by The Bullies.
The Point Being; There Remains a Tendency by Contemporary Westerners of ALL RACES to possess an Underlying Inclination to Engage in Racial Profiling for Good or Ill.

Who’s The Smartest ?

While Jews tend to have a Social Inclination towards A Better Education, All sorts of Asians seem to do very well in The Public Schools; But AfroAmericans ( often ? ) appear to choose to distinguish themselves from ‘Whites’ by Not Buying into White Behaviours, which include striving to achieve a better education, riding bicycles or even learning how to swim ! *
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There was a very curious newstory a few years ago in which a large group of blacks were picnicking near a waterway in ( southern state ? ) when 2 or 3 of The children got into difficulty in The water, which prompted a few of The adults to try & rescue them. Consequently; Several of The Children & Adults were drown. When they were asked why none of The adults were good swimmers, one reportedly said The Swimming was something White People did ( ! )

i have heard from several sources that many Black children ( particularly Jr. High & High School Students ) believe that working towards getting good grades is surrendering to ‘Becoming White’. That being Educated is defying their Black Heritage. Which is crazy, but they need some things to distinguish themselves from their caucasian brothers ( ? ) ! Which also includes wearing kooky clothes, creating bad music & creating their own dialect ( Ebonics ), which makes them sound retarded.

It would be Fabulous if Blacks were to create an Alternative Culture that Excelled Upwards, rather than settling for one that drew on laziness & just being different without striving for a coherent statement of their own.
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When it comes to Murder of Trayvon Martin;

It’s been suggested that There WASN’T a Racial Element to The Suspicions that George Zimmerman held against Trayvon Martin, Because George Himself was a Racial ‘Minority’.

( Read: - Non Caucasian - Actually The New Majority ! )
For those of you that have Read; Even CowGirls Get The Blues,

You may recall The Bit where The Various Disabled Children held The Other Disabled Children in Contempt because they’d ‘Bought Into’ their Cultural Education that Disable Children are Sufficiently Different to Fall into The UnCanny Valley of Creepiness that ‘Normals’ find Disdainful.
All you have to do is look at where all The Violence is Occurring in ‘Black’ Populations in North American Cities to Find that Blacks tend to Predominantly Murder other Blacks.

Blacks themselves have bought into The Cultural Education that The Lives of Blacks are Worth Less than Caucasians & Even Asians or Hispanics. Even less than ‘Native’ Americans ( Except in North Dakota ).
There certainly WAS a Racial Consideration by George Zimmerman when Evaluating The ‘Dangerousness’ of Trayvon Martin.

It wasn’t just The Hoodie, or The ‘Stranger’ in The Gated Community.


George Profiled Trayvon because Trayvon was Even Darker Skinned that Himself ( George ) & to lesser Degree that Trayvon was Younger than Himself.


That; While this hasn’t been brought up in The Media Frenzy; There were ‘Hints’ that George had somekind of ‘History’ or ‘Baggage’ with Young Blacks in The Past.

That is A Deal Killer.

That’s Classical Pavlovian Conditioning.

Fighting or Disregarding that kind of Behavioural Programming is Very Difficult, Even if you’re acutely aware that you’re thinking ‘Irrationally’.


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