Friday, July 05, 2013

Criminal & QuasiCriminal Businesses

Criminal & QuasiCriminal Businesses


With a Rising World Population & Fewer Opportunities for ‘Real’ Businesses

Since Once a Really Competent & Honest Corporation Establishes Itself, It can take two Paths; One is Create Premium Products or Services, Develop A Reputation for That Premium Product or Service & Then Charge Premium Prices for that Corner Market.


Fill all Product & Service Niches with Premium & Honest Prices with Lower Prices for Good but Lesser Product & Services, with Fewer Features, but that Remain at The Near Highest Quality.

Nikon used to take The First Path, Now it takes The Latter.


Closing Down The Rest of The Market.

Some other Companies will remain of course, but The Quality of their Products will be Substantially Inferior, & many people will always be willing to pay very inexpensive Prices for Crap. In many cases The Consumer doesn’t know that they buying Crap, but even so; They’re only going to make that same mistake a limited, or finite number of times.

It might be that this Lesser Product or Service at a substantially lesser price will be Marginally OK, such that they Consumer isn’t aware that they’ve been conned for at least several months, or The Shiester Company may do something far more Devious, which is to Spend half of their budget on Advertising, rather than product Quality, to Convince their Customers that their Product is of The Highest Quality.

An Example of this is : Energizer Batteries.

But Still.

The Gradation from The Highest Quality Products or Services of a Given Genre falls off Very Sharply to Pure Crap, with a Very Narrow Bump at The Top for Companies that Aren’t’ Criminal or QuasiCriminal.

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So that.

With all The Principle Product & Services now being tied up, with The Exception of Emerging Products that are still trying to Establish The Premier Product or Service Provider, They’re all Tied up.

The Only Niche left open is for Criminal & QuasiCriminal Companies.

& The Consumer may not ‘Reasonably’ be able to choose or Know how to Choose A Reputable Company. Buying a Product is usually a straight forward matter;

But a Service; Especially one that you rarely use, & now need Right Now, Finding & Obtaining An Honest & Reliable Service is Nearly Impossible. The Consumer really needs to perform an entirely unreasonable volume of homework for all possible contingencies without knowing which will be needed at some future time.

Like a Plumber.


Most Every New & All Expanding Companies Must Necessarily be of A Criminal or QuasiCriminal Nature.

QuasiCriminal may include Criminally Negligent Companies which are Operated by Business Owners which are Not Particularly Evil, But are Retarded.

( Company Owners That just don’t know how to Provide Quality Services, That Believe that The Job that they’re doing, is Good Enough )

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