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Does your gawd have a plan?

Friday, July 19, 2013 5:58:59 PM

Does your Gawd have a Plan?
This is merely asking; Is there an End Game?

Are we; Residents of The Universe, working or Progressing towards some Objective, Such that If we ever get there; Gawd will know that The Desired Purpose of Life, The Universe & Everything has finally been Acquired?
This Inquiry is based on a Blog Question Posed by Wm Jas Tychonievich
Posted on June 18, 2013 by Wm Jas

It’s not possible for all three of the following to be true.

1. We are free.

2. What we do matters.

3. Everything will be all right in the end.
The Problem ( ? ) that i have with this Question;

Is that The Idea of ‘Things that Matter’ implies that There are Things that Matter. ( ! )
The Second Problem is; ‘Things will be All Right’,

& Also : ’In The End’.
This Entire Inquiry begins with The Assumption that Gawd Knows what they’re doing, & S’he/it has some desired objective that we are either working towards, in which Things will be Alright / Or we have The Capability of Spoiling Gawd Will, In Which case; Things will Not be All Right.
There is also The Underlying Question of Freewill, And whether we have The Capability of Sabotaging The Meaning of Life.
But The Under-Underlying Question is; Does Gawd know when things are moving forward in a Desired Direction ?
If gawd intended to Create a Universe with such & such Properties &/or Aspects to it, Why didn’t S’he/it just create it that way to begin with.

Why are we participants ?

We don’t usually think of butterflies, goldfish or dust-mites as having an important role in The Preservation & Conservation of The World; Why would gawd have allowed anyone; Such as Humanimals to have The Ability to Ruin Everything ?

If Humanimals do have this Attribute of Freewill;

& this allows us to take The Universe in An Unexpected Direction, Then wouldn’t this mean that gawd doesn’t know what Direction is The Best One ?
This makes ( More ) sense as to why gawd would have created A Wild Card such as Humanimals to begin with, Because under this Strategy; gawd would be Asking & Searching for The Best of All Possible Worlds, without knowing what such a World would look like.
gawd may have its own ideas of when things are going decidedly odious, & then guide us, subtly or not, towards a less obviously repugnant direction.

But even that; ( gawd must be willing to acknowledge ) May be counterproductive, In that a Bad Choice Today will often lead to a Wondrous & Very Unexpected Outcome Next Week.
If Gawd can’t see into The Future, & Is Searching for ( Something ) along with us; Then There is No Way that S’he/it can know if Something Matters for Good or Ill.

One school of thought suggests that Everything Matters, Even The Most Insignificant Actions by Bacteria or High School History Teachers, While The Anti-Thesis is that There are in Fact Thoughts & Acts which Don’t Matter. This Latter school of thought that is often used by proponents of Time Travel & Alternative Dimensions; Is that No Matter What Decisions or Actions are Performed; What was Meant to Be will Twist itself back to where Things are Supposed to Be.
In Stories where Alternative Dimensions are Visited; There will be lots of Obscure Details that will be Different, While Principle or ‘Important’ Details will be The Same in Both Universes or be ‘Opposite’ in some Clever Manner.
i am definitely Not Proposing that gawd has created A Universe that works like A Mythical Quantum Computer, in which All Possible Choices & Outcomes are being Fulfilled somewhere, somehow.
That sounds very silly to me.
i can however; almost, imagine how that might work though.
If we stop thinking of The World as made up of Tiny Baseballs, but instead think of these ‘Baseballs’ as The Peaks of Wavetops, then imagine that all The Baseballs are not on The Surface of The Ocean, but are instead Under The Surface, All The Different Wave Forms could Exist Simultaneously, with all these ‘Waves’ Invisibly transposing themselves over one another, with The Surface being The ‘Actualized’ Version that gawd is looking at any given moment.

( ??? )

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