Friday, July 05, 2013

i’m a crazy person.

i’m a crazy person.


i’m a crazy person on SSI. ( Social Security Income ( $710 a month )

i also have a kind of fat IQ ( Top 3% of The General Population )

The way i like ( ? ) to look at it; Is that All of The ‘Normal’ IQ People are to Me, Have The Same ‘Intellectual Merit’ as A Clinically Retarded Person has to them.

This means that about 80% ( + ) of everyone that i’m in contact with, is Clinically Retarded.

& i have No Idea at all how Western Civilization Works.

It seems Deeply Impossible to me.

The Other day i went over to our local Movie Theatre to See Either Superman or The Latest Star Trek Adventure, & Discovered that it was very nearly $20.

That would be $20 for me, $20 for my Wife ( if i had one ), $15 for Each of our 2 Children, And Another $40 for Popcorn & Snacks, Plus Parking & Other Expenses Associated with ‘Going Out’.

Do you have A Sufficiently Disposable Income to See even a Few of The Summer Movies for The Next 3 Months?

Who Does?

Who is Supporting this Industry.

On The Opposite End of this Spectrum; Netflix allows me to See all of these Films that were Released a Few months ago, for Less then 25 Cents Each.  Even if Millions of People are buying into this; There are still Expenses for Netflix, The biggest chunk on The Top is Delivering The Envelopes backs & forth through The Mail.

Netflix also has A Streamline Service, but all of these Movies are from 10 years ago.

i’ve seen all of those films on TV.

And All The Shops at The Mall;

Whenever i am over at The Mall, These Shoppes seem empty.

How can they Pay their Rent & all of their Employees Salaries with The Tiny Pittance of Products that they’re selling?


When i was living in Bremerton, i made some friends that were trying to operate a Rubber Stamp Store.

The Owner was actually surviving & supporting ‘The Embossible Dream’ with her Husband’s Income.

One time she off handedly mentioned that a local barber, a block or so away, hadn’t paid his rent in over 6 months.

That seems reasonable to me.

And i am assuming that his landlord understands that while he’s not making any money off of this barber, he wouldn’t be making any money off an empty shop & that vacant space would bad for The remaining businesses.


The Downtown area in Bremerton had a lot of empty shops.

Which was odd on another level.

Across the Bay was another little town with a Thriving Downtown Business Area, But Bremerton had The Ferry from Seattle right there in The Downtown Area.

Granted; A lot of The Cars coming from & going to Seattle drove straight through Bremerton, But how or why was Port Orchard doing so well, Especially since most of The Shops there were ‘Antique’ Shops, filled with Junk.


- - -

i’m having some problems The Realty Agency that Manages this building i’m living in, & i tend to believe that they’re quasiCriminal, but after cooling off a bit, after spending The afternoon over there ranting at everyone there, i think that there may be a reasonable possibility that they’re all just Comparatively Retarded.

One Minor Problem is Really Crappy Lawn Care for The Building,

The Major Problem is that they adamantly refuse to allow The Residents to pay their Rent Electronically. i tried to convince them that there are many mailartists that Provide for electronic commerce on their websites, but they seemed to have no idea what i was talking about.

What would be The Advantage to them to Disallow this service which would make many of their own Financial Functions Invisible & Painless for them.

Does it have to do with Late Fees ?


- - -

i honestly believe that The Best Explanation for ‘Everything’ is that this is A Fractional Reality which is Somekind of Purgatory for Previous Lives ill Spent in An Infinite Universe of ‘More of The Same’.


If The Universe Were Infinite, Wouldn’t this mean that The ‘World’ Now has or should have had an Infinite Amount of Time to ‘Evolve’ to it’s Current State ?

Does that seem ‘Right’ ?

If you really understand ‘Evolution’ though, you’ll understand that things don’t evolve for The Better, They just Change. The Lay Opinion is that Mammals are somehow ‘Better’ than Dinosaurs, but no Mammals are just Different.

That’s The way The Universe Works, It’s not Evolving to Get Better in any way that you can imagine, It’s just Changing. Given that, The point were at now, with Carbon Based Life & Technological Innovation may well be one of The Highest Points in The Entire History of An Infinite Universe.

This Crazy Purgatory may be as good as it ever gets.

This age that we’re now living in may contain The least amount of Chaos & Randomality as The Universe has ever experienced.

: - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - : o


Another thing that i find incomprehensible is Bad Animation.


i’m specifically thinking of a Particular Animation Style that is frequently seen for Cartoons of ‘Realistically’ Depicted People, such as The Star Trek, Batman or their ilk Cartoons.

The Most Mysterious Element of these Cartoons is not only that they are simple Bad, But that when & if you were to compare them to their ‘Live’ Action Counterparts, The ‘Special’ Effects are Really Bad.

Very Bad.

Incomprehensibly Bad.

i mean.

When you any given special effect into a live action movie; you have to first imagine it, then realize it in some way that requires a special effects department, with or without CGI to Actualize it

But in an Animation Film, A Cartoon Film, All you have to do is Imagine it, & Draw it.

Why Then; If you leave out all The Complexity of Actualizing A Given Effect,

Are they so much lamer in The Cartoon Versions.

i think that it goes way beyond The simple explanation that this Genre of Animation or This School of Animation is Incredibly Lazy, Especially ‘Now’ with Computer Software that So Amazingly Simplifies The Animation Process; They still find Ways to make these Cartoons look Astonishingly Awful.

It’s like they’re deliberately making them look awful.

It’s not just laziness.

They consist of plenty of things that took a long time to create,

So that on top of that, or to The side of that; There is this Endemic Philosophy of ‘Let’s Lame it Up Some More!’

( ??? )

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