Monday, July 29, 2013

Just a Coincidence ?

A Very Old Idea / Awareness of (x

i just finished watching a fascinating & ultimately very dumb film about a ‘World Wide’ set of Tiles that have been embedded into The Streets of Various Countries in North & South America !

The Message on The Tiles is Fairly Consistent :

Toynbee Idea
In Kubrick’s 2001
Resurrect Dead
On Planet Jupiter

- - -

When i first started Watching this, i thought Toynbee was an Anagram for (?

Been Toy / Teen Boy / Obey Net / Obey Ten
One Byte / Yet Bone
Yet, No Be / En! By Toe?

But The Much Better Interpretation turned out that Toynbee is The Name of a Philosopher that had this Crazy Idea that it should ( In Theory ) be Possible to Resurrect The Dead by merely Reassembling their Constituent Physical Mass after Death.

Just like in Stanley Kubrick’s Film : 2001: ASO

- - -

The Name of The Film which contains all this is :

Resurrect Dead : The Mystery of The Toynbee Tiles
Jon Foy / © 2011

- -

But all of that is a Side Note.

The Thing that really struck me

Perhaps with this ‘Intensity’ for The First Time; was An Idea Presented in The Film while The ‘Investigators’ are Searching for The Creator & Author of These Tiles.

The Revelation that i Experienced was Revealed when they Considered Various Candidates for this Mysterious Tile Maker.

Each of their Candidates had numerous Clues associated with them that made it seem like; ‘This is The Guy’ & then they discovered something that was a Deal-Killer for that Person; Such as, They were dead when many of The Tiles were known to have been placed on various streets.

This Struck me as Very Curious in that This is Certainly A Very, Very Old Idea; That there Exists Numerous Clues or Pieces of Evidence that Fit Sooooo Peeerrrfffeeeccctttlllyyy into your Personal Agenda or Thesis that They MUST BE True.

But they’re not.

They’re just a Coincidence.

Whenever i have come across this phenomena on previous occasions, it seems like The True Underlying Evidence that Proves that A Given Clue or Piece of Evidence, Really Is A Red Herring, Is Absent, leaving only The Gullible Skeptics Assertion that it’s just a Coincidence.

Which i would never Believe.

But these Things Do Happen !

Sometimes A Wondrous Piece of Evidence really is just a Coincidence.

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