Monday, July 29, 2013


Another Subtle Strangelett

It seems like every day has Strangeletts that are small oddities that defy any proper classification or even recognition that something odd is going on, But their inclusionary principle is that they do ‘something’ that draws unnecessary attention to themselves in such a way to allow an attentive viewer or listener to become aware that they are a Strangelett.

- -

The one that is severely annoying me currently is that i have been recently hearing on The local news & other venues The Expression ‘It was like in a Movie’ or some variation of that, A Lot more frequently than in weeks, months or years past. It is a comparatively common expression, but it seems like The local News Programs ( KXLY 4 ( Spokane WA ) ) is using it at least once a day to describe nearly every news story.

What is that about ?


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