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New ( ? ) Evidence that NASA has Flying Saucer Technology ( ! ) With New Supplement !


i’m beginning to think that all of NASA is a Hoax.

The Hardest ( & Only ) thing to really dispute is The launching of The many rockets that have gone into space. That would be a good trick— eh!

But once things are ‘in space’ everything becomes painfully easy to fake.

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One of The Many things that troubles me is how spacecraft are supposed to be ‘sling-shoting’ around planets.

There are many variables to this; But in The Best ( easiest ) case scenario, A planet like Earth is moving along it’s orbital path, & a space probe is coming up behind it.

The Space Probe has it’s own ( Rocket Propelled ) velocity & as it approaches The Earth, it speed up as The Earth’s Gravity Well is Pulling on it. Likewise; The Probe is pulling Back on The Earth & The Earth Slows down a tiny, tiny bit, & it begins to fall into The Sun a little tiny bit.

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if i may digress for a moment; It has amazed me for sometime now that The planets are in stable orbits, What Chaos theory teaches us is that if you have a ’Stable’ system of any kind, The tiniest perturbation will throw everything out of kilter & The planets should fly out of their orbits, spin off into ellipses & eventually fall into The Sun. What appears to be happening that countermands this, Is that there are so many of these perturbations in The Solar System, They somehow even each other out. But Still— All of The Planets should have much more Devious Elliptical Orbits, & Once only one of them ( In The Inner Solar System ), Become Reasonably & Expectedly Perturbed; It would quickly throw everything else out of Kilter. ( ? ) So what is The Explanation i am offering as to why this isn’t so ? It’s Because we’re living in a Fractional Reality Universe ( A Screen Saver Universe, & this is one of The Many Smoking Kippers that are intended to Enlighten The Attentive 3rd Grader. In The Final Installment of The Matrix, It was suggested that The Humans in The Battery Pods would be given a choice of whether they wanted to live In or Out of The Matrix— This choice; Would be given to those that ‘Realized’ that they were ‘Maybe’ living in a Matrix, Which they would have discovered by their own resources. )
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So The Earth is Falling into The Sun a tiny little Bit, & The Space Probe has now been accelerated a tiny bit from The Gravity Well of The Earth, & also it’s Taken a little of The Forward Momentum of The Earth as it’s moving forward, although, for The Probe to have caught up with The Earth from Behind, it may be argued that it must have already had sufficient momentum to do that. But lettuce consider that it did gain a little momentum more.

But — When The Probe passes The Earth or Deflects off in a new Direction— Depending upon how close it got to Earth, The Closer its approach, The more Deflection it would have Enjoyed—

…All of The Above Arguments are Reversed. All of The Momentum that The Probe gained from The Gravity Well would be Lost Leaving The Gravity Well.

So that leaves The Momentum that it supposedly gained from The Forward Momentum of The Earth’s Orbital Path.

Wouldn’t The Earth then Steal Back this Momentum as their roles are now reversed. The Probe would then Slow down & The Earth would Speed up.

What if The Probe Deflected off at a Right Angle ?

The Gravity Well Advantage would be lost just a surely,

But what would happen to The Forward Momentum Advantage ?

If it somehow managed a perfect 90˚ Deflection, all of it’s ‘Forward’ momentum would be lost. It would be Canceled out to get That Right Angle Turn. Forward Advantage only counts as forward.

Maybe it would be easier to visualize if NASA was claiming that The Probe could Slingshot around The Planet, Head off in a 180˚ Angle, & retain the Forward Momentum that was somehow inverted to sped off in The exact opposite direction.

That is crazy talk.

So if The New Direction is only 90˚, The Probe would have been much more naturally inclined to continue moving forward & off at a slighter Angle, say 30˚ from The Direction of The Earth’s Forward Momentum.

If it was 0˚, Then The Cancelation would be Pure, & The Probe would then have all & only The momentum that it had when it approached The Earth from Behind. If it took off at an Angle, Some of that momentum would be lost in that Direction or from The Earth Simply swallowing up a little of The Probes Forward or Angular Momentum from it’s ( The Probes ) Tiny Gravity Well.

Only a Change in Direction would be Achieved.

- - -

What does this mean ?
If all these space probes aren’t doing this, what is going on ?
How could it all be a Lie ?
How could it all be a Lie.

- - -
What if NASA knew that these Slingshots were impossible, but they had some Anti-Gravity Technology from Crashed Flying Saucers, But they didn’t want to tell everyone about that, for a variety of Reasons, & they also knew that a few bright high school student would figure out that The amount of fuel to get to The Outer Planets would be deeply prohibitive, So they ( NASA ) needed to make up some kind of ‘Excuse’ as to how they could Send Probes to Mars, Jupiter, Saturn & beyound, with Essentially No Fuel being Expended. ( ? )

- - -
Some of The Reasons that ‘They’ ( Who Know The Truth, or Their Version of The Truth ) are trying to keep The Damp Masses for The Certainty of Knowing that Aliens have been Visiting Us.

a) We are their Property. Like Chattel; Chickens or Soy Beans. They are Harvesting our Souls, Which they use as Currency.

b) The Elemental Technology related to Anti-Gravity would allow anyone handy with Screwdriver or Ban-Saw to Build Horrifically Powerful Weapons that they would surely get into terrible Mischief with !

c) Humans; When compared to The Aliens, Lack True Consciousness. We are less than Insects compared to their Intellect & Ability to ‘Be Aware’. Never mind all The ESP Crap, Simply being Aware of Where we are ‘Now’ is Quite Beyound our tiny Brain’s Synapses to Comprehend. Plus; Their Natural ‘Senses’ Far surpass ours. Our ‘Reality’ is something like 2% of What they Experience.

d) Their Gawds are 100% Manifest as compared to our ‘Hidden’ Gawds, Which may be ( According to & Comparing their Mythical Histories with ours ) is because they were Never Kicked out of Their Garden of Eden. They are Gawd’s Favorites.

e) The Layers, or Tiers of Aliens, Angels, Ghosts, Gawds, Pixies & Shadows Demonstrate with Undeniable Certainty that We’re all living in A Fractional Reality Superimposition on The Surface Irregularities of a Bran Flake; Which Prophecy & Scientific Observations have corroborated that it’s about to be Eaten.
= = = = = = = = = = = = = =
Supplement ( A :
Wikipedia’s Gravitational Assist Article
So i ( belatedly ) read The Article in Wikipedia on Gravitationally Assisted Orbital Dynamics or Pertaining to The Sling Shot Effect;
And it seems =Plausable= that what NASA & Other Rocket Scientists are saying is that when A Space Probe or any Object comes into The Vicinity of A Planet; They Share Attributes.
Like on CSI; Wherever you Go, Wherever you’ve Been; You Pick up Things, You Leave things. Carpet Fibers, Victims Blood or Hair, Smoke Residue, Mites or Ticks, Fabric Threads & so on.
With a Space Probe & Planet; It’s more like Directional Vectors, Momentum & Space Ghosts.
There’s a Toy that’s called Newton’s Cradle, Or whatever; that Consists of Usually 5 Silvery Balls, Each Hanging from 2 Strings; & All Touching, End to End; In a Line.
So you draw back one or two or some combination at each end in some clever combination, then let them go, so that they fall & bounce off one another.
The Lesson of this Toy is that when one of these Balls hits The Remaining Balls; 100% of The Directional Vector & Momentum are Transferred to The Ball on The Other End.
This is Quite Remarkable, & Not Exactly The Same Thing as What is Happening with Planets, Moons & Space Debris or Probes to The Outer Worlds; But it’s a reasonably good Stepping Stone for An Analogy to express What is or might be going on here.
Another Example may be what happens with a 100_lb. Girl Scout is hit in a Crosswalk by a 1_ton Hatchback. In this case; Not all of The Momentum is Transferred to The Girl Scout, because The Mass of The Two Variables is Different. The Girl Scout is only 5% of The Mass of The Automobile, So she is Only Thrown 5% of The Distance The Car would have Traveled in that Instant of Impact, & She in Turn Steals 5% of The Momentum of The HatchBack, so that it is Traveling Slightly Slower when it then Runs over her Several hundred yards along The Intersection.
Likewise; The Probe is Stealing some of The Planets Momentum as it Travels around The Sun.
All of The Gravitational Assistance is Lost as it Leaves The Vicinity of The Planet that it gained as it approached it.
The Wikipedia Article suggested that The Probe could pick up Twice ( 2x ) The Velocity of The Planets Momentum; In Relation to The Sun So that The Probe is Now Orbiting The Sun Twice as Fast as The Planet, Plus The Momentum that it had as it approached The Planet.
i didn’t exactly follow this ( 2x ) Argument;
And The Article also failed to Recognize that While The Probe was Stealing Momentum from The Planet, The Planet was also Proportionately Stealing Momentum from The Space Probe.
Who is winning, & by how much?
The way that i’m comfortable in thinking about this is that The Space Probe & Planet come into this Dance with a Certain amount of Combined Momentum & Directional Vectors, & they Both Leave The Dance with Altered Momentum & Directional Vectors.
There is also another Example that i just thought of;
And this one consists of A Series of Spinning Magnets, that Play off one another. The Arrangement that i’m thinking of, consists of three Spinners in a row, each about a Sixteenth of an Inch from One Another; With Each Spinner Constructed with Three Arms ( Like a Starfish with Three Arms ) with a Magnet Attached to The End of Each Arm; So that they are All ( 9 ) Pointing ‘Outward’ with their South Pole, So that Each Arm Tip Repels Each of The Other Arm Tips.
This is Quite Interesting To Watch, as The Three Spinner will Transfer their Spinning Momentum to one another with very unexpected patterns. Sometimes Sharing just a little Momentum, sometimes transferring nearly all of it very suddenly !
But again; in this latter example, all of The Spinners have The Same Mass.
A Space Probe is A Lot Smaller than The Planet.
My Intuitive Understanding remains that The Space Probe is Going to Enter & Exit The Vicinity of The Planet, Unchanged. Everything Gained will be Lost as their Roles Reverse half way through their Encounter.
It seems to me that if this Sling Shot Effect actually worked The Way NASA says that it does; It would be Occurring all The Time in The Solar System, Just by Accident & There would be a Huge Surplus of Smaller Objects, Asteroids & Meteoroids that are Zipping around The Sun, Slowly Depleting all of The Planetary Orbital Momentum from Planets, Leaving Nothing in Any Solar System but The Sun & A Few Thousand Very Fast Dust Particles after a few Billion years.

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