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Old Peeve concerning Banks and Bank-Loans ( ? )

Tuesday, October 14, 2014 7:23:39 AM

How Banks Should Provide Loans

One of The Things that i really hate about Western Culture’s Economics is how we depend upon Adam Smith’s Invisible Hand to Regulate Small Businesses in The Market Place.

i am perfectly willing to acknowledge that this actually works, providing loans for entrepreneurs that would otherwise have a very difficult time acquiring these funds, But this occurs at a terrible cost, In that most of these businesses fail.

i have witnessed several such small businesses that i felt were doomed from The Beginning, & it seemed very foolhardy for The Bank to have ever loaned them enough money for these people to ruin their lives. In one case; A Woman that i knew used her own Retirement funds from a career at Sears to start a RubberStamp Store, which lasted about 3 years. Which was actually surprisingly long, But she drawing on her then husbands income to keep it afloat for 2 years as it was pitifully sinking !!!

The Flaw in this business was that this Woman, who did Not appear to be clinically retarded, just sat in her shop day after day, waiting for customers to come in & buy rubber stamps. It seemed to me that she should have spend The whole day, every day ( aside from other necessary duties & such ) making hand-made cards, Modified Books ( Taking an Old ( Worthless ) Book & Then Cutting it up & Making it into something Very Special ) or Making other very Special ( Big ) Projects, which she’d then sell on Ebay or through their own Website, as The Internet was just getting started at this time.

When you’re starting a new business, you have to work work work, all of The time to make it a success !


- -

In another case; A Small Grocery Store opened in The neighborhood that i was living in, that sold exclusively Asian Foods. The problem being; There were Absolutely No Asians in this Neighborhood ( ! ) It may well be entirely reasonable that non-asians would like to eat Asian foods occasionally or regularly, But as a business model for a corner grocery store in a neighborhood that needed a corner grocery store that sold ‘expected’ items that one might need in The Evenings or Late Afternoon, between trips to The Larger Safeway or Piggly Wiggly, This was a very bad idea. This Asian Store lasted about a year before there was a mysterious ‘Fire’ that gave them an excuse to close.

- -

How Banks should provide Loans.

It seems obvious that Banks should only provide loans to businesses that they believe will succeed, As opposed to any business that provides enough collateral to make foreclosure profitable !!!

- -

Step One : Provide Loans to Businesses that The Financial Adviser, Who is Well Educated & -Open Minded to New Ideas- decides that this is an Idea whose Time has Come ! & Helps The Would-be Businessmyn to Start up their Dream.


Step Two : At this Time; At The Very Beginning The Bank is a Full Minor Partner, Say - Owning 20% of The Business or Having 20% Say in any Business Decisions, which would remain in effect for The First 3 years or so. At The end of that period, The Business can fully buy out The Banks ‘investment’ whether The Bank wants to sell or Not.


Step Three : The Bank should have ‘Models’ which predict with a high degree of accuracy, How Any Given ’Type’ of Business should establish itself & begin growing. If The Business deviates from its predicted survival path ‘too much’, ( towards bankruptcy ) The Bank can step in & Claim a Greater Percentage of The Businesses & Insist on making changes, perhaps even investing more money ( Their Money as A Partnership Investment ) into The Business to Insure that it survives !


Step Four : At some point; The Bank may make an assessment that The Business is irrevocably failing, & then proceed along a new path of Business acquisition, rather than foreclosure. If The Bank is Unwilling to take this Step, they should have never invested in it to begin with ( ! )


Step Five : Total Amalgamation ( !!! ) The Bank & Business Acknowledge that The Business ( as it is being run ) is a complete washout & doomed to failure, At which point, The Conventional approach would be for The Current Owner to Declare Bankruptcy & The Bank would foreclose on their assets. Under this -New Approach- though; The Bank would simply Take Over The Business, Installing a New Manager & Even some New Employees, but - - ! - - Retaining The Old Owner as an Assistant Manager, or somesuch. The New Model would then continue on under this New Organization for a Time - - & Either Fail or Succeed. If it Fails, The Old Owner is Now Unemployed & Loses all The Companies Assets - - But if The Business then Succeeds, After a Period of 3 or 5 or 7 or 12 years ( ! ), The Original Owner may ReObtain -Their- Business by Buying Out The Bank, whether The Bank is Willing to or Not ( ! )

- -


This Approach Insures that All New Businesses are Given The Best Possible Chance of Succeeding, & The Least Possible Chance of The Store’s Location being Gutted & becoming an Eyesore for The Community.

- -


This Same Approach would be Available for Home Financing, In which a Family that Originally obtains a loan to buy a house, And Then later falls into -Hardship- & fails to make a number of loan payments, &/or is unable to restructure their loan to a new arrangement with The Bank; The Bank would simply then own The House, But instead of boarding it up & allowing drug dealing or homeless squatters to move in - - They would allow The Original Family to continue living there, caring for The House ( Under The Banks Supervision ) & pay a reasonable Rent for remaining there. The Bank would only Evict This Family, which has a Strong -Weight- to remaining in The House, If A New Buyer is Immediately Available, So that The House Would Never be Vacant for Any Period longer than 7 Days.

- -


It just seems completely Crazy to me that a Bank would ever foreclose on a Business or House, Unless they were somehow going to -Make- Money from this Decision. Just to Close a Business down or Evict a Family from Their Home & then Throw everything away is just supremely Dumb. ( ? )

- -


To The Credit of Western Civilization; While i was sitting down at The RubberStamp Shoppe one afternoon, Kris was saying that a local Barbershop in an Office Building in The Downtown Area which was on The Downslide ( ! ), hadn’t paid their rent for that space for several months ! But They were allowed to stay, because it would Not have been profitable for The Building’s managers to leave That space empty. ( ! )

- -


- Which many other building managers are perfectly willing to do, resulting in decrepit neighborhoods that are less & less inviting to new businesses.

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Things that Should have Happened by Now ( ? )

This is A Simplified List ( without Commentary ) of Things that Should have Been.

The Question that this List Poses is :

Why haven’t these things happened ( ? )

If one is to ‘Entertain’ that these things should have in fact happened, & acknowledged that they haven’t happened, & can Not provide a reasonable explanation for why they haven’t happened, Then perhaps it is ‘reasonable’ to allow that UnReasonable Explanations or A Single UnReasonable Explanation may eloquently explain them all away.


The Principle UnReasonable Explanation that i would like to proffer is that we are living in A ScreenSave Reality that is being ‘Orchestrated’ by Angels, Daemons, Gawds or A 12_year old living in our Host Reality that is using off The Shelf Software on her Home Computer to create a Game of Sorts, which is our Reality.


We are very nearly at The Point where we will soon be able to create such a Fully Actualized Reality of our own, on our Home Computers or Reading Tablets. The only remaining hump that we must overcome is Not The Vast Complexity of A Fully Detailed Reality, which could easily be ‘Faked’, But The Problem of Consciousness. We might easily ( soon ) be able to Push something like Second-Life or Sims to A World indistinguishable from our own, but filling it with genuinely Conscious Entities or perhaps only providing it with one or two Genuinely Conscious Entities, & filling in The Rest of ‘Their’ reality with Ghosts & Puppets which either they ‘Subliminally’ Control or we ( The User/Operator ) would Vicariously Control with a Preferences Pane for Each.




The Evidence that Something is Very Hinky about The World that we Live in :


1)              Tides.

2)              The Size of The Moon & Sun.

3)              Why didn’t Leonardo Invent a Hang Glider?

4)              Isn’t it very odd that Hang Gliders weren’t invented for nearly a hundred years -After- The Airplane.

5)              Why didn’t The Romans invent The Bicycle?

6)              Although there are countless very odd films & film genres, Isn’t it odd that there isn’t a genre of films that consist of nudists? There are X & XXX films, but what i mean by this; Are films that are ‘Ordinary’ in every other respect, except that all The actors are nudists? There aren't -Any- Films like this! ?

7)              Why isn’t there a Viable Robot Kit that any child can use to create a Robot that is Genuinely of their own design, as opposed to Lego Mind-Storms which sets ridged parameters to how The Robots can be designed & Created?

8)              In 1966 a Very Clever & Very Simple Demonstration of AI was Created in BASIC called ‘Eliza’ which fooled many people ( for a few minutes ! ) into thinking that this program was Genuinely Conscious. Why hasn’t this approach been ramped up in The intervening 50 years, to at The very least, Become a truly functional search engine for The Internet. All of The Search Engines that we have are still only searching for Key Words, & very clumsily at that.

9)              Why hasn’t anyone Robbed a Bank with A Robot?

10)        Although The Evening News is Routinely Peppered with Accounts of -Senseless- Murders by Teenagers, Why aren’t there -Any- Sensible Murders? Such as of Evil Politicians, CEOs, Gangsters or Lobbyists. Why aren’t there any Righteous ‘Hit-Myn’ ( Serial Killers ) that are roving The World Murdering Bad People, Instead of 20ish Blondes of a Specific Weight Class?

11)        Although using Airplanes as Weapons or Bombs has been examined, This Raw Idea may easily be Extended to a Variety of Other Large Machines which has been ruefully neglected. Why hasn’t anyone used a Giant Mining Dump Truck, Gasoline Truck or Souped up Bull Dozer as a Weapon of Terror?

12)        Why don’t we ever hear of Sex Scandals that involve Inappropriate Petting of Pets?

13)        Why isn’t there a World Religion for Solipsism?

14)        Why do we allow ‘Scientists’ to spread wildly inaccurate ’Truths’ of theirs that are Obviously Wrong? Consider that Physicists would have us believe that all objects fall at The Same Velocity on The Earth, & The Same, but Slower Velocity on The Moon. What if We Dropped The Earth onto The Moon or Vice-Versa. Which rate would they fall together at? The Faster Earth Falling Velocity or The Slower Moon Velocity?

15)        Or in The Case of The Second Law of Thermodynamics, Which Says that everything tends towards ‘Disorder’, but wouldn’t this mean that The Universe was much more Orderly Billions of years ago. Even if you discount The Phenomena of Life, which has come into being ( as far as we know ) recently, What do they mean by ‘Orderly’. How was The Universe more ‘Orderly’ 10 Billion years ago?

16)        Why hasn’t there ever been a case of a Pirate Television Station broadcasting hard-core Porn?

17)        Have you ever heard of children filling Water Balloons with Poison Ivy Sap ? This seems like a very ‘Obvious’ method of High-Mischief to me ( ? )

18)        Why hasn’t anyone invented an X-Ray Gun for Terrorist Purposes ?

19)        Given that Oil Fields occur throughout The World, many of which are under The Oceans, Why aren’t there ever any Natural Oil Spills caused by EarthQuakes ?

20)        E=MC^2 is clearly Nonsensical. Why would The Speed Light be used as a factor here ?

21)        We used to hear about Russian ‘Sleeper Agents’ during The Cold War, but why haven’t any of our ‘Contemporary’ Enemies used this approach against us?

22)        It certainly seems ‘Obvious’ that there should be innumerable Real ’Snuff Films’ in circulation, & although there are many videos of genuine executions or other atrocities, We are told by law-enforcement agencies & others that there just aren’t any ‘Real’ ( Porn ) Films that involve actual murders ( ? )

23)        The Same Phenomena is applicable with ‘Satanic Baby Sacrificing Cults’ Every once in awhile a new accusation of such a cult existing will crop up, usually involving local politicians or other wealthy individuals, & later shown to be pure bunk. Surely there really are, amoung all The Junior High Satanic Cults, A few Satanic Cults that consist of Adults that Routinely Sacrifice Actual Infants ( ? )

24)        How can it be that The Internet is somehow ‘Cleansed’ of Famous Personalities that have endured Scandalous Histories. There was, in The 1970s, a comparatively famous local personality ( Eastern Washington State ) named Clarey Wright; That has somehow been deleted ( Soviet Style ) from all Historical Reference Books & The Internet ( ? )

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The Twelve ( or so ) Best Philosophical Questions

The Twelve Best Philosophical Questions

Along with All The Crazy ‘Philosophical’ Questions that may be forever UnAnswerable

Because there’s no Empirical Evidence Related to them to Chew on.

But there are Certainly Plenty of Experimental or Heuristic Inquiries that may be ‘Difficult’

But are Certainly Answerable in Some Sense?

~ The Best Questions ~

  1. What is Worthwhile?
  2. How much Magick is there in The World?
  3. Why do souls become Incarnate?
    ~ Test Questions for The Maitreya ~
  4. How can i determine if a question has been answered?
  5. Is there such a thing as a paradox?
  6. What are the necessary attributes of gawd?
  7. How could freewill possibly work?
  8. Does consciousness ‘do’ anything?
  9. Is goodness real?
  10. Is the universe so cruel, that it allows us to be aware that we are robots?
  11. What is respect?
  12. Why do we dream?
  13. Why do smart people let dumb people run the world?
  14. What is Beauty?
  15. What is The Best Way to Tell If An Idea is A Good Idea or A Bad Idea?
  16. Are all Numbers as Real as The Real Numbers? / Are Irrational Numbers Real?
  17. What is Human Nature?
  18. In The War Against Terrorism ( Circa 2000-2050 ) It was widely disseminated to The Western Civilizations that The Arabs/Muslims believed that when they died while fighting Conventionally in a Jihad, or Using themselves as an AIDS ( Autonomous Incendiary Delivery System ); They would be rewarded to Their Version of Heaven with 40 Virgins & Innumerably Other Sensory Pleasures. Western Soldiers may not Entirely Buy Into The 40 Virgins Part, But they Usually accept that they will be Rewarded for Their Part in Their Holy Crusade with Similar Pleasures in A Heaven Administered by Their Lord & Savior Jesus H. Christ. = The Question is: What if The Soldiers on Either Side were Taught by their Religious Source, That While Fighting in A Given War; They would be Brobdingnagianly Helping their Community and Allowing Their Children, Legitimate or Misbegotten, To Be Raised Under All The True & Holy Scriptures, As opposed to being Conquered by Heathens & Taught Only how to Burn in Hell— But: They themselves, If killed in Combat would be Condemned to The Everlasting Furnace of Hades. Would War remain as Popular as it is Today ?
  19. If it were possible to Create Or Locate A Genuine Utopian Paradise, Garden of Eden, A Society of Perfect Economic & Social Equity with Freedom & So On; Would it be Ethical to Force Everyone to Live There? That is; Is it The Responsibility of The Haves to Force The Havnots to Adopt their Mores, Technology, Spiritual Insights, Liberal Arts & Judicial Constitution? It’s entirely reasonable that The Haves should offer Inclusion to The Havnots, But what if The Havnots, In their Pathetic Desire to Remain Autonomous, Seeing The Freedoms of The Have’s Paradise as Corruptions of Their Own Devine Virtues.
  20. Where are all The Aliens...?
  21. What is The Underlying Phenomena behind The Many Classes of Quixotic Experiences? ( Such as Flying Saucers, Ghosts, CryptoAnimals, ESP, Death Related Occurrences & Religious Miracles )
  22. Is it reasonable to think of people as good or bad...?
  23. Why is Being a Humanimal Illegal...? / Why do Humanimals Assert that they are Not Animals by Covering themselves with The Skins of Animals?
  24. Is DNA a Red Herring...?
  25. Should the Edicts that make Evolution So Successful; Be The Foundations of Ethics & Morality, Or Are these Ordinances Exactly Contrary; Not just to Our Desired Social Constraints, But to The Functionality of Any Viable Civilized Community...?
  26. Are The Labels Applied to Various Emotional Responses ( Like Love ); Fabrications from Whole Cloth that are Attached/Associated to Specific Behaviours that have Absolutely No Foundations in Their Emotional Descriptions...?
  27. Do We See Ideas, or Things...?
  28. Do Angels Choreograph Our Lives...?
  29. What would you have to add to a thinking machine to make it Conscious...?
  30. Given that Secrets are The Root of Political Power, Would a Society without Secrets give The People More Political/Economic/Judicial Security &/or Freedom...?
  31. It's been suggested that if you make a person think that they are thinking, they will love you, But if you actually make them think, then they will hate you. If this is accurate; Might it also be the case that If you insist to someone that they are Free, they will eagerly believe that they are Free, But if you insist that they exercise their Freedom, They will believe that you are trying to Enslave them...?
  32. What are the best candidates for An Intrusive Foot In The Door Argument...? / The Foot In The Door Argument consists of providing Just One Really, Really, Really Good Example of Some Quixotic Phenomena that is Not Merely Unexplainable by Known Physical Laws, But Angrily Defies Them! / Candidates: Ball Lightning / Tornadoes / Consciousness / Gravity / Field Theory / Why are All The Electrons in The Universe Exactly The Same / /---/ The General Power of The Foot In The Door Argument is that Once you have Just One Completely Unambiguous Quixotic Phenomena, It allows that all Other Alleged Quixotic Phenomena should be At The Very Least, Given Some Modicum of Consideration & Further Investigation. / It's easy enough to simply ignore all sightings of Unicorns, Until someone actually puts one on display in A National Zoo Somewheres... Then all subsequent drunken claims of Unicorn sightings, As Well as Bigfeet & Gnomes, have that scratch of legitimacy to them...?
  33. What is Being Smart...? / Encyclopedic Knowledge? / A Deep Understanding of how things fit Together? / Predicting The Future? / Creativity? / Knowing when an idea is Useful? / Seeing what is Inobvious? / Sensing, Intuitively; What is True? / Having a high Survivability Quotient? /
  34. What is The Underlying Structure of Matter?
  35. What is The Underlying Functionality of Forces?
  36. Is Time Travel Possible?
  37. Is Miniaturization Possible?
  38. Is Invisibility Possible?
  39. Is Artificial, Machine Intelligence Dangerous to Biologically Based Intelligence?
  40. In A World of AI & Ubiquitous Robots; What will People do to keep busy?
  41. Is it possible to Experience Satori ( Enlightenment )?
  42. What are people supposed to be doing to keep busy?
  43. Why do People Exist?
  44. Is there a simple principle to know what is Right or Wrong, Without having to refer to A List of Do’s & Don’t’s?
  45. What are Requirements for Getting into Heaven?
  46. What does The Devil Want?
  47. Does Heaven become Tedious?
  48. MetaBestQuestion...?

Dumb Questions -vs- Smart Questions

Dumb Questions -vs- Smart Questions

It has recently ( ? ) occurred to me that Some of The Ancient Questions are Dumb Questions.

Generally; A Dumb Question is one that is Obviously Solved,

With what is generally assumed to be, A Disagreeable Solution.

e.g. : Is Life / Existence Meaningful?  ( No.

e.g. : Is Freewill Possible? ( No.

e.g. : What is Good? ( What is Profitable for Me.

If we allow that These are not at all profound, but simply stupid,

Then We are forced to allow that The Disagreeable solutions,

Which can be proved or easily reasoned out,

Must be Axiomatically Asserted or Demonstrated as True.

And from These Axioms; Go on to Argue all The Other Things.

Of course : However / This means that all The Smart Questions are Dumb as Well.

- -

Are there really any Smart Questions?

- -

Given that there are No Smart Questions;

( And Further : That Logic & Reason are Bunk )

How should an Entity that desires to live A Moral & Ethical Life Proceed?

-----------------------------------------:: o

“The UnExamined Life is Not Worth Living.”  Pat Sajak

What is The Opposite of The UnExamined Life?

Is An Ant’s Life Unexamined? And if so; Pointless?

This seems wrong.

Plus: The greatest television fathers have examined The lives of their families, relations & neighbors aplenty, and has anything been decided that gives our lives more meaning; Or do we discover that in The Very Next Season of New Television Programing, Those Questions that have been thoroughly discussed and resulted in Humiliating Fiascos, Again & Again, And Will be Considered All Over Again.

These Questions have been rehashed & molded into The Life Stories of Every Superhero in every Comix from The 1920’s and None of The Solutions seem sufficiently Satisfying to Finally put them to rest.

Every Child is Raised as if these Elemental Questions are as Mysterious Today as they were by our Great Grandfathers that made all their own tools from chipping away at river stones.

Is this because children never listen to their parents, or that every reasonably attentive fifth grader can see how ridiculous The Solutions are that their parents provide for them. The Simplest School Yard Dispute seems to refute All The Wisdom that has accumulated over The Last 25,000 years.

: - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - : o

On a Slightly more Established Foundation; Isn’t it curious that after 25,000 years, or 12,000 or 6,000 or 2,000, or 200 years; The Supreme Court of The United States is still Bickering & Reaching only a Majority Consensus over a wide Spectrum of Petty & Obvious Concerns that are Redecided every few years.

iPhone 6, Siri & Her Cousins

Saturday, September 20, 2014 7:21:47 AM

iPhone 6, Siri & Her Cousins


i have noticed that in all The New Blurbs for The iPhone 6, there is never any mention of Siri ( ? )

You may recall that after Siri was introduced, there was a flood of Television advertisements for this feature, that included many Celebrities hawking this amazing new technology.

And then they Disappeared.


Because these Ads were so Amazingly Disingenuous that Apple was effectively committing Fraud.

First of all; The Actual use of Siri reveals that Siri is Astounding Shy & Uncertain about her own ability to Understand what you’re saying. After you utter anything, Siri would bring up a text rendering of what it thought you said, upon which you’d confirm it, correct it or hit a button confirming it. This entire process would take about as long as typing in a request, especially if you’re fluent at typing with both thumbs.

Siri is Not Apple’s first attempt to allow you to speak to their computers, nor is Apple The only Company offering this service. It has been offered time & again since The 1980s or before.

Even before there were proper computers, there were attempts to create mechanical or electronic devices that would respond to spoken commands.

Thomas Edison, as a child, was supposed to have created a mechanical device that Spoke Intelligible Words & Short Phrases. ( ! ) ?


But they’ve never Worked.

Not Really.


Not in Actual Usage Situations. Not so that anyone that actually wanted to use them, could depend on them.

Quite a few Companies use something like this as a Cybernetic Telephone Receptionist, that allows you to answer simple questions with precise key phrases.

Have you experienced one of these Tele-Operators ?

Do they Work ?


No, they do Not.

Their functionality does in a back-handed way work exactly The way The Company or Service want it to work however, And that is to Frustrate you sufficiently, So that you’ll hang up & quit bothering them. This is especially True for Social Services by Any given Government.

The curious aspect of that; Is that The Machinery & Protocols for these services seems to be keyed to scare away those people that are in most need of these services, while swindlers & fraudsters have The Sanity & fortitude to endure all these layers upon layers of trials & redundant scrutiny to finally get their ill-gotten rewards.




This all seems so very odd to me, because i can easy imagine a few simple conventions that if applied; would allow these voice recognition systems to work.


a) Put all of this Voice Recognition Hard & Soft-Ware onto a Dedicated Chip or Black-Box whose ONLY Function is to Analyze Sounds to Pick out Spoken Commands or Other Sounds that The Host Device will be programmed to act upon, such as distinguishing between a balloon popping & a gun shot. It is completely crazy to run all of this processing through The Main CPU that is required to process all of The Device’s Other Functions. ( It is my prediction that at some time in The ( near ) future, Computer Engineers will eventually realize that instead of creating bigger & faster CPUs, They will distribute all The Various Functions to Entirely Autonomous Processing ‘Agents’ that will cooperate to serve The User. ( ? ) )


b) These Speech Recognition Devices need to Introduce themselves when they are first opened, To agree upon a name for The Device, & then ask The User to read a series of sentences which have been tailored to include all The Given ( English ) Language’s Phonemes in various combinations, So that The Device will know how you, As a unique & Autonomous Individual, pronounce various words & phrases.


c) The User will Then be able to Train ( Directly or Tacitly ) The Device to Anticipate Questions or The Class of Answers that The User is Desirous of knowing. This simply means that The Device knows what The User is Interested in, & discard any possible solutions or Answers to Inquiries that are outside of these parameters, If an inclusive solution is available.


d) If The Device is Confused by a Question’s structure, pronunciation of words or The Ambiguity of a Word or Phrase, Rather than ‘Guess’ what is meant, It will ask a pointed & direct question to resolve The Uncertainty. ( it drives me crazy that commercial search engines return millions of ‘hits’ that are completely irrelevant to what i’m looking for, when The Search Engine should have taken a few additional moments to hone in on what i’d intended to ask in The first place. ) !

: - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - : o


e) i don’t know how computers are currently being trained to understand speech, but considering that there isn’t a reliable electronic Sentience yet; it may be that this suggested approach will be what they’re looking for ( ! )


i have this idea that The way to resolve ambiguity in ordinary sentence construction or poems that intensionally integrate double entendres into their construction, may be easily resolved with -Lists-.

This assumes that ( which may be entirely unfounded ! ) these Speech Recognition ( or typed sentence questions & requests ) Devices, can understand ( parse ) Ordinary Sentence Constructions.

While i spent The Entire 8th Grade in 1968 diagraming Sentences, Training a Computer to do this, seems to be one of those incomprehensibly ‘Hard Problems’ ( ? )


But if this step has been achieved


Your computer has some special IC’s ( Integrated Circuits ( Little CPUs ( Central Processing Units ) ) that take all The words in The Sentence, Phrase, Paragraph, Book or Poem, & Make a List for each one that looks up its definition & all thesaurus references, & then compares those lists to The other Word’s Lists & Looks for ‘Patterns’ or Repetitions in ‘Themes’ So that if The Theme of both ‘Golf’ & ‘Sex’ come up again & again; Then The Computer will assume The Speaker is attempting to be Clever & is using a Double Entendre. Otherwise; A Single Consistent Theme will remove all of The Ambiguity from any Word or Phrase Usages.

Another Innovation that i’d like to see is that The Speech Recognition ‘Black-Box’ would include it’s own Encyclopedic Dictionary in A Computer Language that all ( English ) Sentences would be translated into before being acted on or Translated into a Second Language.

This ‘Computer Language’ would contain all ‘Ideas’ that every Humyn Language incorporates into their regional Languages, So that The Computer Language has a full Vocabulary of all Humyn Concepts. Each of these Ideas would be correlated with ONE Word, & Each Word would have ONE Concept associated with it, Thus Completely Eliminating any Ambiguity within this Computer Language.

After The Humyn’s Sentence, Phrase or Request is Translated into The Computer Language, The Device Resolves this Query & Translates its response into The Least Ambiguous ( English ) Sentence or Phrase.

( Unless The Device has been programmed to be Snarky ! )

: - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - : o


So why don’t these companies produce a functional Speech Recognition Device or Service that Actually Works ( ? )


One of The Services that i envision for such a device or service is a ‘Talk-Line’ that anyone can call into, & it would cost something like 2 a minute to use. The Service would Listen Attentively to everything you said, Develop a Customer Recognition File for Each Caller, So that when you called again, The Sentient Agent would take on The Roll of a Confidant & Close Friend.

It would then be able to Respond Insightfully to your concerns, questions & comments & provide The Caller with any Information that’s available on The Interweb.


Think about that for a moment.


You could have any question that you have about anything, quickly & easily Answered.

If you were confused by some point or fine detail; You could stay on The line for hours & hours until you finally had a full & comprehensive understanding of The most subtle ideas that were previously accessible only to Doctorates that spent decades in Universities struggling to master.


Do Big MultiInternational Corporations or Governments want you have access to that kind of information ( ? )


The Freedom of Information ( Movement ) is based on The Implicit assumption that most information is effectively inaccessible, even if its available in some esoteric theoretical sense.


If that ‘Theoretical Sense’ were removed from any inquiry

Many things would have to be made explicitly secret.

Lots of Things.


Lots & Lots of Things.

Things that Terrorists may be curious about of course,

But Industrial Secrets as well.

Propitiatory Trade or Guild Secrets would be added to The List of Confidential Particulars.

Personal Information that many people are bashful about being revealed would be withheld from these Information Scouring Pads.

Anything that The Librarians of Enlightenment deem Sufficiently Esoteric to Require Inclusive Interpretations or Explanations for, Would Not want these Shards of their Edicts & Precepts so easily available to anyone without A Proper Jurisdiction to Clarify them.


Any Legal Issue that provide Lawyers with their Cheese & Crackers,

As well as Medical Information that Doctors currently have a monopoly on, would be available to everyone.

In Fact; Nearly Every Job that doesn’t require A Kinesthetic Mastery to Perform, would be suddenly accessible to Everyone.


If this service were to suddenly become available with A New Cell-Phone, The Economy would collapse within The First Week.

Maybe this Service would help us out of this disaster,

Or maybe it would find it intractable,

& then shut down as basic services, Such as cell-phone networks collapsed under The Weight of A Buckling Fiscal Bureaucracy.


Maybe that’s why Siri doesn’t work.