Sunday, April 16, 2017

When is something 'Over your Head' ?

When most meerkats hear someone saying something that doesn’t make sense to them; They assume that if The Penguin is well dressed, or has A Title of Somekind; Then whatever they’re saying is ‘Over their Head’. If The Otter is slovenly dressed or unwashed, they what they’re saying is Crazy Codswallop. 
i interpret this differently. It doesn’t matter to me how a person is dressed, or how well they’ve washed behind their ears, Anything that doesn’t make sense to me is considered Cockeyed Hooey. It’s Not simply that i’m discounting that anyone is smarter than me, it’s that until i have more data to clearly exhibit what they’re saying to ‘Over my head’, i assume that it’s Not. 
What ‘Dumb Parakeets’ have to understand is that although Smart Chimpanzees are capable of understanding very clever & subtle ideas, They are also eager to accept unfounded & ludicrous ideas that seem ‘Enjoyable’ & are often deluded by The Principle that because they ( The very bright hamsters ) have so few peers to regulate their beliefs, they often assume that anything that pops into their heads must necessarily be True. 
My conjecture is that i am capable of understanding any humanly conceived idea if it’s broken into small enough parts. 
So when i begin to investigate some New Idea, & i discover that someone else’s crazy idea has been pulled out of a horses ass & is Not at all based on any foundational empirical observations; Then it’s going to remain NonSense to me. 
Furthermore; i’m Not at all swayed by anything that is said to proven mathematically! 
If anything; that diminishes its credibility. Many Physicists & Mathematicians seem to believe that anything that can be ‘proven’ with Mathematics, based on ideas scribbled on a napkin at a Thai Restaurant; Must be True in Reality. 

That is crazy talk. 

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Just How Dumb is IQ 100

Just How Dumb is IQ 100
It’s been suggested ( on King of The Hill, by Peggy Hill ) that Ordinary ( IQ 100 ) People are really Dumb !
“Do you know how Dumb Normal is ?”
But what does this mean ?
How are we measuring this ?
i mean; IQ 100 is supposed to be ‘Normal’.
This is The Baseline by which Intelligence ( in Humans ) is supposed to be measured, So shouldn’t these people be The Baseline by which we determine if you’re functionally adequate or Not ?
( ? )
The initial assumption that IQ 100’s are pretty dumb may be based on how Culturally Literate they are, or Historically Literate, or how firm their grasp of Elemental Physical or Scientific Principles are; that are empirically proven by functional demonstrations of engineering ( as opposed to crazy scientific ’Theories’ that pepper Popular Culture ! ( Such as Evolution or The Big Bang Theories ) ).
By these Yardsticks; IQ 100’s perform pretty poorly. Their ability to solve simple problems, either those that are well documented ( as found in puzzle books ) or unique problems ( as seen in everyday life with unique variables & situations ), they again perform very poorly.
But perhaps The Real Test is how often, or in what quantities have IQ 100’s contributed to Western Civilization; in The Sciences, Engineering, Liberal Arts, Social Institutions or Such ? And again; The answer is; None to nearly none. With one exception that may be, apparently; Popular Politics. Ordinary Politicians seem to be ‘Ordinary’ far more often than we’d like to see.
Another Indicator that may be used; By apologists for The IQ 100’s, is how much they contribute to The Industrial Work-Force. They are The Essential Backbone of America that performs all The Labor & Toil that keeps us afloat, Never mind that this Economic Model is highly dependent upon The Rape & Pillaging of 3rd World Countries, ruining their Cultures & depleting their indigenous natural resources.
But even so; Applying Pareto’s Principle ( The 80/20 Rule ), We might form an entirely reasonable ball park figure of 80% of The Work in these assembly lines & sweat-house factories as being done by 20% of The Labor Force, which ( may be ) substantially above the IQ 100 baseline. It is very ( probable ) that this 20% effective work force is made up of IQ 120’s, The Very Bright Normals that just fall short of The Creative Genius’s that make up our Rock-Bands, Middle Bureaucratic Managers or Tug-Boat Captains.
The Real ‘Base-Line’ for Inclusion into The Species of Human’s that make up Western Civilization should be more like IQ 115.
If all of these IQ 100s were isolated & allowed to form a Social Order on their own; It would take The appearance of a Bonobo Troupe in A Bornean Jungle. If left to their own devices in a small town; It would be clear that in only a few years, The Natural Decay of Elemental Services & Devices would soon cascade out of control & they would soon revert to former levels of technological capabilities at a rate of 20 years per every 6 months, throwing them back to Mediaeval 12th Century Living in only a few years.
IQ 100’s may be trainable, with classic pavlovian conditioning, to repair simple mechanical devices, but this is only applicable when these machines break in a prescribed manner. Any failures that deviate from their work-books or repair-manuals will be left inoperative, replaced with something else, if available, or discarded, forcing The User to provide for this service with an alternative method, which again; will require ingenuity that is Not available to them.
- -

The Development & Maintenance of Western Civilization is Dependent upon a tiny minority of our Smartest members, The Top 5% or possibly less. Without them; we would quickly slide backwards to a baseline represented by a culture that got along without copper utensils or ceramic bowls.

Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Another Irrelevant Rant

Why i hate Science

So— i’m listening to the radio & there’s this guy doing a small bit on ‘physics’ & he’s describing this ‘experiment’ in which two buddies are standing next to a pool-table ( Billiard’s Table ) & they both roll a ball across The Table with sufficient force that both bounce over The Rim & Fall to The Floor, with The tiny conditional that Ralph rolled his ball with substantially greater force, so that it rolled faster & flew further, but both balls, because Steve rolled his ball a little bit sooner than Ralph rolled his; Both balls left The Table in The Same instant 
( defined as such ! ). 

The Question then is; Which ball hit The Floor first ?

The Physics Answer is that they both hit The Floor at The Same Time, in The Same Instant, because Horizontal Traveling Distance isn’t affecting The Gravitation Pull of both Balls towards The Earth. Ralph’s ball hits The floor several feet from Steve’s, but they both hit at The same time.

Then; The Guy on The Radio goes on to say that if Ralph, in a variant Universe, where a human might do this; Were to Roll his ball with sufficient force to Approach ‘Escape or Orbital’ Velocity; So that Ralph’s ball were to Travel several Miles or Spiral Over The Earth for 2 or 3 Orbits before it finally hit someone else’s floor in a different country; Then; Under these Circumstances; Ralph’s ball would remain aloft longer, But only because it was traveling so very much further. 

i find this enormously annoying that This Guy on The Radio was Not able to recognize that what he was describing or defining was a curve of Travel Time vs Time in The Air; & just completely ignoring The Fact that when Travel Time was very short, when The two balls would hit The floor in The Same room, would be on The Same Curve of Vertical/Horizontal Travel Time; as The Version whereas Ralph’s ball would exit The room. Meaning of Course; That The Two Balls in The Same room would hit at Different Times ( !!! ) 

Like wise; When you Drop a Bowling Ball & Hat Pin from equal heights at that Same Instant; Both will ( According to Popular Physics ) hit The ground at The Same Instant;

But of course; The Gravitational Attraction between these Three Objects varies from Set to Set. The Bowling Ball is being Pulled downward while it is pulling The Earth UpWard; Which is what The Hat Pin is doing, But while these two Additions equal different Sums, because The Mass of The Earth is so overwhelming larger than either The Bowling Ball or The Hat Pin; 

This Difference is going to be Infinitesimally tiny; But Not Zero ! The Bowling Ball will Hit Sooner, & again; It drives me Crazy that Popular Physics teaches this false Lesson with such ubiquity & veracity; Many Children that grow up & follow an interest in Science or A Profession in Physics, they carry with them an important misunderstanding of how The World Fits Together ( !!! ) 

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Donald Trump ( is ) The AntiChrist !!!

The Gematria Provides A Method by Which 
Ordinary Meerkats can Directly Access The Mind of Gawd !
These Revelations are Not What i Say is True, 
Or Even What My False gawds Say is True —
But This Approach Allows Anyone To Examine 
What Was Etched into The Fabric of The Universe 

When Time Itself Began !

Friday, August 05, 2016

Presidential Contests

Presidential Contests
A Modest Proposal for How to Select The Next President
Should there be One ( ? ) 
e.g. ( If AI ( The Singularity ) hasn’t taken over The World ) 

To Select The Next President;
An Initial Group of Say 60 or so Candidates will be Selected from The Nation’s Universities & Small Businesses that Satisfy The Minimal Requirements of :
Cultural Literacy
Mathematics & Science Literacy
Computer Literacy
Liberal Arts Literacy
Culinary Literacy & Natural Abilities to Prepare an UnReciped Meal from Available Scraps
World Literacy
Historical Literacy
Grooming Habits
Athletic Prowess
Sexual Appeal
Affability with Children
Affability with Animals
Competency with First Aid
Competency with Magical Illusions
Competency with Dancing
Any Number of Special or Comparatively Unique Talents
Size of Nuclear Family

Then A Neutral Sponsor would shunt them around The Country, 
& at each stop; The Local 3rd Graders would prepare a series of Tests or Contests for them to participate in. 
A The End of each 3 Rounds ( 3 City Stops ), The Feeblest 5% would be sent home.

Before The Contest Begins; 
Each Candidate would be given a long list of skills that they should be reasonably familiar with.

For Each Contest; 
A Representative 3rd Grader would perform The Task to Assure everyone that it wasn’t impossible, while providing hints or Structures as to How to Perform The Event.

Such as Bathing a Cat. A 3rd Grader would give a Cat a Bath, showing The Contestants How Best to Approach this Chore.

Other Possible Events :

Old Peoples Toe Clipping Race
Race on a Vaseline Covered Tile Floor
Wheelchair Baseball, Using an Giant Athletic Ball
Paint a Recognizable ( provided ) Celebrity
ESP with Zener ( Old Maid ) Cards
Give a Tarot Card Reading to Selected Spectators
Determine The Function of a Rare Carpentry Tool
Solve a 3 Dimensional Puzzle
Chess Competition with Alternative Chess Rules or Piece Movements
Sumo Pillow Fights
Sword Fights with Crutches
Rubberband Shooting 
Make a Lost Pet Poster 
File 100 images using your own rules / then a day later, race to find a given set of images.
Whittle a wooden chain of 5 links
Kill & Skin a Rabbit, & Make Rabbit Stew
Easter Egg Hunt in an Abandoned Factory
Make a Stuffed Toy from Scratch Materials that a homeless child will cherish.
Make a Robot that must perform a given task, from Legos & Other Materials
Contact a Selected Person somewhere in the World & get The Secret Word that they’ve been given.
Solve A Locked Room Murder Mystery
Judge a Solomonesque Legal Case
Write a Collection of Haiku, Limericks or Prose Poems
Make up a song on The Fly given 7 Randomly Chosen Words
Flip a deck of cards into a hat 20_ft away.
Fill a Coloring Book 
Solve a Mathematical Puzzle ( without a known solution )
Get a Curmudgeonly old man to do something that they don’t want to do.
Tell a Lie that A Local News Reporter Publishes.

Monday, August 01, 2016

Unable to Access Storage Device using Android File Transfer with Kindle Fire !

Bug : Unable to Access Storage Device 
         ( SanDisk 32Gb SD Memory Card ) 
This bug occurred sometime after purchase & usage, But for a time, it was accessible & i was able to load about 4.11Gb of Data onto it. 
            1,202 Photos
            702Mb of Music
            701Mb of Games
            4 Audio Books
            39 Books
            1 NewsStand Item
            3 Personal Videos
The SD Card itself seems to be working properly; as i am able to access all files located on it with The Usual Fire Methods & The File Manager App. 
The Bug is that when i use my Macbook Air with The Android File Transfer Application; The Storage Device becomes invisible; But The Screen on my Macbook Air reveals that The SD Card is in Use & that 25±Gb are Free. 
- - -
After looking on The Internet for Occurrences & Solutions for this Anomaly, i have discovered that it is occurring across The Board on other Devices; With The Android File Transfer Application as The Common Denominator.
- - -
The Kindle Fire was Purchased on June 3rd 2016
The Device is Currently Running : Fire OS 5.1.4 / June 20th 2016
Update : July 25th 2016 ( The Bug was existent before this update ) 
- - -
Android File Transfer Application 
            Version 1.0
            Last Update : October 16 2012
- - -
Solutions that i’ve Tried :
            Tried Connecting to The Fire with 3 Different USB Cables, 1 with The White Bar, & 2 with The Black Bar on The Computer End Connector. 
             — Error Remains
            Tried Fiddling with The MTP Options Selector in The Notification Shade ( Comes up while connected to The Macbook Air ) / it has two Options MTP & PTP. MTP is The Default Connection Mode. There is no AFT Setting, which is mentioned in The Internet suggestions. 
             MTP = Media Device / All Purpose Default Setting
             PTP = Camera / Dedicated Photo Transfers ( ? )
             — Error Remains
            Tried Connecting while both The MacBook Air & Kindle Fire were Connected to Wifi Internet.
             — Error Remains
            Tried Connecting to my ‘Other’ ( Earlier Version ) Kindle Fire & The Storage Device on it WAS Accessible. 
             — Error seems to be with The New Gen 5 Kindle Fire, But under what circumstances did it begin ( ? ) 
             If i were casting stones; i might blame an App, probably one that uses a lot of memory, like Real Racing 3. 
            Tried Connecting to The MacBook Air, Turning off The Kindle, So that it would ‘Charge’ more efficiently; then Turned it back on, Connected with The AFT Application.
             — Error Remains
            Tried Connecting to the MacBook Air, turned The Kindle Fire off by holding The Power-Key down for 5_seconds or so. Waited for a few minutes. Turned it back on, then reconnected to The MacBook Air with The AFT Application. 
             Had to pull The Cable several Times and Reconnect to get the AFT Application to Connect with The Fire.
             — Error Remains
: - - - - - - - - - : o
Try : 
            Try Kindle Help / Support Directly
            Try Wireless Transfer Tool
            Try / Transferring files to The Device, Then move them to The SD Card with The File Manager App 
- - - 
Solution : 
Simply Unmount The SD Card, Then Remount it !
Procedure :
Settings / Device-Storage / 
At The Very Bottom of this Menu Selection :
Safely Remove SD Card / Click on this 
Wait The Device to ReStart
Wait a moment or two; For no particular Reason.
Remount The SD 
Check to See if your Android File Transfer recognized The Storage Device ? 
Success ? 

- - -