Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Believing UnBelievable Things

Sunday, April 10, 2016 at 8:36:56 PM
Believing UnBelievable Things

i often consider that i have some missing molecules in my brain that allows me to freely believe unbelievable things.
Such as :
      That 911 had absolutely nothing to do with Islamic Terrorists.
      That The Apollo Moon Landings were hoaxed
      That OJ Simpson did Not Murder Ron Goldman & Nicole B. Simpson

But there are other things that may be commonly believed that i don’t believe in.
Such as :
      The Big Bang
      Darwinian Evolution
      Time Travel
      Gravity Waves
i also believe in Faeries, Ghosts & Something very much like Angels ( The Ξ.6 Controllers )

But what struck me this evening was that While many people ‘believe’ in Time Travel; i admit that there is some interesting evidence that supports it, but a universe that allows all instances of time to somehow simultaneously exist, even if we freely allow for an infinite universe ( in all particulars ), There remains something deeply annoying about it.


It may be that Time Travel is permissible, but Not in a way that we commonly think that it should.

But aside from that; i was thinking, that maybe this ‘believing’ stuff doesn’t have anything to do with how reasonable or unreasonable or believable or unbelievable something is.
Maybe it has to do how ‘pleasing’ The idea is to your personal sensibilities.
Which fits right in with my ‘Thinking is Bunk’ Synopsis.
Which is very similar to my ‘Logic is Bunk’ & People are about as Smart as Fish Philosophies.

i like to think ( believe ) that i ‘believe’ things that have been constructed from elemental principles, but maybe i don’t.
Maybe i’m the same as everyone else.
After all : All Reasoning is Jiggery Pokery. There is No ‘Good or Sound Thinking’.

Maybe Time Travel is one of those ‘things’ that must necessarily exist, but can’t : Thereby -Proving- That Reality is Wrong.
Or : Our Perceptions of what is real is entirely fallacious.
We are living in a screen-saver reality that does Not allow us to examine ( in any way at all ) The True Reality, So that everything we think we Must Necessarily Know About Reality is Wrong.

We are living in an Artificial Reality where impossible things can freely happen without any concerns for an underlying causality.

i believe that there is plenty of evidence for this;
But if this is true; Then my reasoning is necessarily suspect.

This seems to be approaching somekind of Catch-22 Principle.

Needs refining.

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Chemistry Grrrl

A Rather Odd thing happened to me a few days ago.
i was on The Bus & i was trying to talk with A Very Pretty, Very Friendly Grrrl that was something like 19-22 years old.
- - 
It should be noted that before i begin; 
i have a personality disorder that may be Schizoid Personality or Asperger’s. Both are Symptomatically Equivalent; But it’s thought ( ? ) that one is caused by Autism ( one end of The Autism Spectrum Disorder(s, While The Other ( Schizoid P ) is thought to be related to Schizophrenia. 
i was diagnosed ( twice ) with SP, but both times, it was quite a few years before Asperger’s was even a Named Syndrome. ( ? ) 
The Difference that i ( from my own reading on these two classifications ) quantify them with is that while both The Aspergerian ( Aspie ) & Schizoid P generally shun other people, The Aspie wants to be around other people, but finds it very awkward for both parties, & The Schizoid P simply hates other people. When guests come over to visit, both The A & SP run down The Basement & hide under The Stairs, but for different reasons.
My own attempts to decide which one i really am is confusing & ambiguous. i seem to have significant traits for both. 
- - 
So Anyways.
i’m sitting there on The Bus & it’s marginally crowded; & i noticed that This Very Pretty Grrrl that is sitting right beside me ( by The Window ) is flipping through a deck of Flash Cards for Chemical Diagrams  
So i says; ‘Oh; you’re a chemistry person?’ & she says yes! 
- - -
The reason that i was so interested in talking to her, was because i wanted to discuss this ‘idea’ that i’ve had for sometime now regarding The Cable TV Series ‘Breaking Bad’. i’ve had this idea for awhile that it might have been much easier for Mr. White & Jessie to build a ‘Robot’ or Manufacturing Assemblage Machine to make The Meth for them. Of Course; it would be VERY Complicated; But The Advantages would be that once it got going, it would operate 24-7 & you wouldn’t need The Complicated Base Chemical that they were constantly scheming to get their hands on. The ‘Robot’ would be able to Synthesis Meth from ‘Base’ Chemicals, like Raw Hydrogen, Oxygen & so on. This would of course take much longer & require many more steps, but since The Robot’s doing all of The Work, Who cares ! 
So i’ve been wanting to discuss this with a Chemistry Person for quite awhile & here i had The Opportunity. ! 
- - 
First Odd Thing; i couldn’t remember The Name of The Show ! Bad something, having to do with The Meth & ??? & Finally i remembered ‘Breaking Bad’ & it seems like she is only vaguely aware of what i’m talking about, as if she’d never watched The show ( ? ) ??? !
Second More Troubling Odd Thing: The Moment that i ‘Broke The Ice’ with this Grrrl, all The other Guys on The Bus wanted to talk to her !!! There was this really big fat retarded kid ( early 20s ) sitting in front, that had a pronounced speech impediment that was chiming in with ridiculous comments & another guy behind us that immediately introduced himself to The Grrrl & Starting Chit-Chatting with her !!!
This Grrrl for her 2 Cents worth, was being very polite to me & seemingly wanted to stay on The Topic of Chemistry, but it was impossible, & then my stop came up.
- - -

Ugh. It was so very frustrating !!! 

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

An Epiphany of Sorts ( An Awakening ! )

i have for a long time, had this idea that 'Logic was Bunk' and That Humanimals aren't really capable of True Thinking; But i've also held on to this other idea that it might, or would be possible to convince A Reasonably Smart person that something that they believed was True or False; 
To be False or True— 

Using a Method of Rhetorical Banter called :
The Heretic and The Expert.
The Heretic would offer No Facts, merely ask Questions, and the Expert would provide all the Facts and Structures for An Argument, so that at the End; The Expert would be faced with an Irrefutable Argument which contradicted their own Assumptions.

i've been awoken.

Thursday, February 25, 2016 at 12:12:51 AM
Yesterday; Wednesday; i got a call from M. Gilbert about an SSI Overpayment.
She was supposed to be an impartial arbitrator assigned by SSI to resolve a dispute that i was having concerning an Overpayment that SSI had allegedly sent to me. My position was that it was not an Overpayment, or more precisely; SSI was confused ( ? ) ! pertaining to how many months of Overpayment that they'd sent me. ( i thought 1, they thought 2 ) 

Anyways; That's all very confusing and difficult to explain,
But it was very clear that M. Gilbert was not a Neutral, unbiased arbitrator. 

Prior to this Kerfuffle; i had naively thought that if you can present a given argument or position to someone in The form of The Heretic vs The Expert; The Heretic can get The Expert to agree to some position that The Expert previously believed was entirely Wrong. 
That is; Change their mind with an irrefutable argument that they themselves ( The Expert ) had created, with The Heretic’s guidance. 

But now— i believe that this is pure nonsense; 
Because it tacitly requires The Expert to want to find The Truth, & to Cooperate with The Heretic; which in reality; They will Not do. 

The Trick that M. Gilbert most favored in employing against my position was techno-babble concerning how ’The Computers’ processed The Information, or creating this very incomprehensible dichotomy of The Machines vs The Institution. 

That is; Every Position or bit of knowledge that i attributed to The Institution ( SSI knew (x ), 
She would counter with The assertion that that knowledge (x was only known by The Computers that were processing it. The Institution didn’t know or act on any of this information. The Clerks at SSI didn’t or couldn’t process The information, it was all reserved knowledge that only The computers were privy to. ( ? ) 

What was most clear though; Was that she was never going to concede to any premise or truth that she had actually already admitted to, if it began to look as if it was going towards some position that was astray from her objective of denying my assertion that SSI was being very unfair to me.

Is there any real defense against Stonewalling and Obfuscation ? 

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

ObamaCare ( a case study )

My Parents were Ostensibly Democrats,
But i have Never Really thought of myself Political Enough to Choose a ‘Political Party’
For awhile in The 1980s, i was A Conscientious Whiggamore, The Party of Millard Fillmore,
But when i tried to Register as a Whig in Oregon, i found that that State would ONLY Allow me To Register as A Republican or Democrat ! i found this completely incomprehensible & have dropped out of The Registration Process thereafter.

i think i may have been Registered in Washington State for a little while, as i recall being called for Jury Duty, but after spending a few minutes with me, they excused me from any future service.

And then Sometime later; ( ? ) i got a Federal Jury Duty Form that i had to fill in with a Number Two Pencil, So i used a Glitter Pen & added copious notes to The margins.
i never heard back from them.


This is about ‘Obama Care’ which is actually called The Patient Protection & Affordable Care Act.
i have Not been following this At All — But i have recently been dealing with it a little bit.

So; This is a Tiny Sliver of A True Story.

This ( Being a Tiny Sliver ) is Not A Disingenuous ‘Out of Context’ Fragment meant to Suggest a Contrary Position of Some Greater Truth—
This is an Entirely Accurate Summation of The Nonsense that i’ve been Enduring for about 3 months now.


Since about 1985 i was ‘Awarded’ ( i am Not comfortable calling it anything that i can think of ! ? ) SSI Benefits for A Very Disabling ( Collection of ) Personality Disorder(s &/or Learning Disabilities which went undiagnosed throughout my entire childhood & high school years. i believe; because my comparatively high IQ was ‘Masking’ these disabilities into causing my Parents & Teachers into thinking that i was merely ‘Lazy’ or Actually Very Stupid.

i’ve always done rather poorly in school, & was held back in The 5th Grade, & in The 9th Grade ( Jr. High ) , i begged the Administrators to give me an actual IQ test to help resolve The Deep Confusion that i was experiencing as to Whether i was ’Smart’ or ‘Dumb’, but they refused to cooperate.

Much later; i spiked The Navy’s ‘IQ’ Test ( Twice ) & just before i got on SSI, i was given a Real IQ Test, & scored 130 ( i think it was a Wechsler Test, which doesn’t recognize a ‘genius’ status, Only ‘Very Superiour’ ( ? ) ).


i remained on SSI until just recently ( September 3rd 2015 ) When SSI insisted that i apply for A VA Pension.
Which i thought was Crazy, as :
a) i ‘Looked into’ this when i was first put on SSI to see if i was eligible for something like that, & i was deemed to be Not Eligible !
b) i was only in The Military ( Navy ) for about 1½ years, far short of my 4 year enlistment obligation, because i was too crazy for them !

But it turned out that i had only to be in The Military for 90_Fawking Days ! to be Eligible for this Crazy, Non-Military Related Disability ( Clause ) ? !

i suppose that this failed to ‘Engage’ in 1985 was because they ( ? ) never really considered it as thoroughly as they ( ? ) should have, or The Laws pertaining to such things have since changed, perhaps only very recently ! ?

Anyways; Rather than taking The ( Predicted ) 5 years ( as suggested on The Forms ) it took about 2_Fawking Weeks to become Activated !!!

So i’m on a VA Pension now.

As a Result of this;
i ostensibly lost me Medicaid which was somehow tied to my SSI.
But — ?
So that i had to obtain ( Under Severe Penalties ! ) A New Health Care Plan under ObamaCare ( The Patient Protection & Affordable Care Act ).

They ( ? ) Sent me a bunch of forms to fill out & i had to try 3 Times to get them to accept one of my submissions. At which time they sent me several ‘Options’; All of which, i thought were ridiculous ? !

And So; That brings us ( Approximately ) to this Letter that i sent to Their ‘Help’ Line to help me resolve these issues.

( As it turned out ( ??? ) ( i’m still Not really sure Whuck is going on )
i may still be on Medicaid, without ever experiencing a break in my Molina Care Plan ( ? ) - As Evidence for this; i haven’t had any problems renewing any of my prescriptions, which i pay Zero Co-Payments for ! )

The Letter that i sent to their Help Line :

hi hi hi...!!!
i am very confused by all of this !
i was on SSI for a very long time, then suddenly; SSI insisted that i switch to a VA Pension; which is $ 1072 from SSI's $733.
and then i had to apply for a health plan thinger; and then all of the plans that you sent me seem very expensive; The cheapest is $ 393 per month, while the Wikipedia article said that for people with an income of 133% of the Federal Poverty Level ( i'm only 109% ) shouldn't pay more than 3% of their income. $ 393 is more like 40% of my monthly income ? Is that right. Is that how this works ?
It just seems kind of shocking to go from Zero to 40% when my income has only gone up by less than half. This not only wipes out what little advantage ostensibly came from the VA Pension, but i'll actually be much poorer than before when i was SSI ?


Thanx !
: - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - : o
Their Response :

Hello Christophe,
To apply for medical benefits:
1.       Use the online application at
2. Call 1(855)WAFINDER or 1 (855) 923-4633 to have an application sent to you or apply by phone.
3. Get assistance in person by contacting a Broker or Navigator (in-person assister).

To find an assister use this map:
Send additional questions about the application process to:
: - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - : o

Which was Completely UnResponsive.
They just fed me back into The Loop.

What is mysteriously curious about this response though; Is that because they got The spelling of my name wrong, It suggests that some human actually read my missive, began typing a response; then pasted in this prepared ‘everymyn’ solution blurb. ( ? )

That is ObamaCare.

Their Phone Help Line is Completely Dysfunctional, as i Absolutely Dread calling Any of these Services. i Very, Very Honestly believe that they make these phone services so amazingly defective is to discourage anyone from calling or completing their call, because they don’t want to be bothered with helping anyone.

So this brings up this question :
Is ObamaCare so Dysfunctional because The Republicans have infiltrated it & are breaking it from within,
Or — Are The Democrats & The Obama Administration Breaking it from Within because they want to replace it with True Universal HealthCare at some later time.
Or — Is ObamaCare a Tepid ( Clintonian ) Solution for Something that ‘America’ isn’t quite ready for yet; Such as ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell’ or other failed Half-Baked ‘Solutions’ ( ? )

All of this is really testing my faith in angels.

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Why 3D & IMAX don’t work well together.

Why 3D & IMAX don’t work well together.

After seeing Jurassic World & The Most Recent Star Wars Clip Art Film; i noticed that some of The Shots in augmented 3D looked decidedly off— & in Particular; Some of The Miniatures looked very Miniature.
It wasn’t immediately clear to me what was wrong,
But after thinking about this a little bit;
It occurred to me that The Problem was that When in Jurassic World; There was A Long Shot of The New Island Park & A Helicopter coming in ( in 3D ) —
This should Not have been shot in 3D.
When you’re looking at nearly anything; Your Eyeball 3D Cues are only effective for about 10 feet. 20 Tops.
You might like to test this by looking up from this page or screen & across The Room, picking out some detail in which items are arranged one in front of The other(s. Now wink your eyes; left, right, left, right, left right. It is my prediction that you will Not Notice any difference in The placements of The Items.
If you repeat this experiment with item closer to you, The items will jump from side to side.
When looking from Helicopter (A at Helicopter (B & with a Landscape Background a quarter of mile away; It should appear absolutely flat.
In The Film; There was a distinct 3D Effect & that revealed that we were looking at either a Miniature Set or CGI Fabrication with A 3D Element Layered in, That should Not have been there.
This Same Error is repeated in The Star Wars film when we are watching a fleet of Those Big Honking Star Destroyers drift by— in 3D. Again; That misplaced 3D Effect reveals that we are looking at a set of Miniatures. !
This -Inability to Know what Looks Real- is at The Heart of Modern & Even Classical Film Making. Very often; In many of Our Recently Produced Films reeking of CGI Effects; This Ability to Know What Looks Real Creates Startlingly Real Looking Scenes with Layers & Layers of Remarkable Details that Boggles The Attentive Mind.
This Effect of ‘Reality’ is particularly curious & clever when we ‘Accept’ a Cinemagraphic Reality as More Real than Real Reality. This is particularly True with Explosions. Most people don’t see too many real explosions, & when they do; They’re surprised that they don’t happen in slow motion. ( ? ) !
But— Occasionally; Film Makers will Miss Something, Create a Faux Reality Shot that is Neither Realistic Looking or Fake in A Way that we Readily Accept It —
& When this happens; It Pops !
- -
As a Side Note ( Tangental Observation ) —
i do Not at all understand why film makers are continuing to use, or for that matter; ever used; or at The very least; within The last 40 years or more; Stuntmyn to perform dangerous effects or cranes or other machinery to created visual effects in a 3D Environment. ?
The Alternative; It seems to me; Is to Firstly Recognize that The Final Product of ‘The Film’; Consists of Images on Celluloid.
There is Not; or Should Not be; A =Necessary= Correlation between a 3D Effect & The Flat 2D Images on Film.
For Example ( e.g. )
You want to film a person falling from a great height.
The Usual way to film this is to get a Stuntmyn to jump from a great height & film them falling into a ‘Hidden’ Airbag.
The Considerably Saner way that this Effect should be Created ( Cheaper & Safer ) would be to allow The Principle Actor to Flail away in a Fixed Position; Either on A Flat Surface or on a Podium that hold them from their Waist or Feet or Wherever; Then - - Move The Camera - -  to Achieve The Relative Position between the Actor & Camera as The Actor is ‘Ostensibly’ Falling.
This would have been easily available to film makers, even before blue screens if they’d only allowed themselves to make a few elemental assumptions & were willing to ‘Do The Work’, Which again; Would have been much Easier & Cheaper than Creating The Scene ‘In A 3D Volume’.
There has been a Wonderful Machine called ‘A Rotoscope’ that has been available to film makers since just about forever, & is essentially an Animation Desk with a Film Camera that can Shoot Frames from above or below The Animation ‘Plane’ which The Film-Maker/Animator can put anything they want onto. Most ‘Special Effect’ Shots take only a second or two to complete The Effect that is ‘Amazing’. This translates into No More than 60 Frames, which may be reduced by half or more to shave a several second shot to only a few dozen finely crafted frames, with The ‘Good Bits’ taking up only a small portion of The Frame Proper.
You’d be able to create any amazing effect 60 years ago by hiring an artist or small team of artists to ‘Paint’ from whole cloth, anything you wanted.
Nowadays of course; This process is much, much easier, & can be done by children with a tablet film editor. All that is Nominally Required is that The Child has some Elemental or Minimal Sense of ‘What looks ‘Right’’ ?
So why do i still see professional film makers spending millions of dollars ( in The DVD Featurettes ) to create shots that occupy only a few seconds in The Final Film ?
- - -

Monday, January 11, 2016

Taboos and Breast Feeding ( Brain or No-Brain ) + with Fish

Friday, January 8, 2016 at 8:23:34 AM


There was just a bit on Good Morning America about The rather Well-Worn topic of Human Breast Feeding in Public;

& While they were discussing this; They deftly avoided The Elephant on The Table; Which was; It’s Taboo.

The End.

People are Enculturated to Believe all Sorts of Very, Very Crazy Things, & The Functionality of These Beliefs is made all The More Utilitarian by Their Craziness !

That is; The Crazier The Taboo is; The Better it Works !

And That Functionality Is — To Distinguish Inskies from Outskies,

And — Provide Every Citizen with A Very Easy Test for Identifying Seriously, Clinical Insane People on The Street.

Only A Truly Insane Person would Violate A Taboo.

That is How Taboos Work.

One simple Indicator for if something is a Taboo or Not;

Is if Activity (a is Very Wrong, While Activity (aa, which is nearly The Same as Activity (a, But perfectly alright.

Such as Showing Women’s Nipples is Very Wrong, While Exhibiting Men’s Nipples is perfectly OK.

Murdering Your White Neighbors is Very Wrong, While Murdering Darkly Complected Strangers is perfectly OK.

Everyone; Absolutely Everyone, No Matter how Smart or Dumb They Are; Believe Very Crazy Things;

But If someone mentions something to you, & You Think;

“Wow ! That was pretty Crazy !”

Another Simple Test for Determining if What The Other Person Just Mentioned was One of Their Person, Communal or Cultural Taboos; Is — To Ask : “Why do you think that?”

If their response is some Schizophrenic Rant that is both Amusing & Frightening; Then They’re ( Normally ) Crazy. Unless of Course it concerns a possibility of property damage, boxes & boxes of ammunition or an embarrassing fiasco that would involve people you care about; Then you should tell The Authorities. Otherwise; They’re probably harmless.

But— If The Other Person Responds to your Question by becoming ( usually Hysterically ) Angry & Flustered— Because they don’t know Why They Think or Believe what They Do; Then; It’s almost Certainly a Taboo that they’re holding.

It also means that they have no brain.

Which also means that they’re perfectly normal.

Because as most ‘Intelligent’ featherless parakeets ‘know’;

People are about as Smart as Fish.

This however is Not to Suggest that people are merely dumb.

No. What this means is that People Brains & Fish Brains are essentially designed & work exactly The Same Way.

( Most ) People seem smarter than Fish, Only because of a Greater Number of Prepared Response Routines & Something very Remarkable, Called : ‘Emergent Complexity’ —

 Which essentially means that when you mix & match even a very small number of possible actions; Very Unexpected Combination Actions will Result.

That’s Not Real ‘Intelligence’ though, & The Aliens know that. They know that we’re just clever Fish, which is why they haven’t invited us to join The Federation of Planets yet.

It may well be another 5 Million years, or never, that Humans begin to experience true sentience.