Saturday, May 14, 2005

Penance Corrupted

You may recall that i decided to do Penance for making a mess at The Ala Moana Shopping Mall; by buying a book at the bookstore there...
Well-- the book that i was going to get was an autobiography of either kurt godel
or the other guy that i'm always confusing him with...???
i had a note on a slip of paper that had the title on it, but i lost it...
But anyways--
They didn't have that book, so i got another book that i'd heard of,
and i had this 'feeling' that i'd heard some good things about it...
so i got it:
The Elegant Universe $16.61
But after opening it and reading through a little bit of it,
i discovered that it was about 'String Theory' and i hate! string theory...!!!
i'm just sick of physicists that are just 'making stuff up' nowadays, and passing it off as 'Good Science' while they continue to completely ignore mountains of evidence for topics that they simply find 'disagreeable' -- such as 'Alien Abductions' or 'Mind Reading'...!!!
But i still forced myself to read the first chapter, and some of the second chapter before i began to see a familiar pattern that i've found in other physics books;
and that is; to state various 'conclusions' without the tiniest hint of where they came from...!!!
i would like to read a complete description of Bell's Inequality Experiment one of these days,
or the Evolutionary path of E=MC^2...!
Why in the world would it contain 'C' anyways...!!!
( the speed of light )
i really think that some of these experiments contain fatal flaws...
Particularly ones which suggest that individual photons are streaming towards measuring devices, or that individual photons, electrons or such are bouncing off mirrors or passing through len's, without changing their elemental properties...!!!
When a photon passes through a sheet of glass or bounces off a mirror,
it's not the same photon that exits the other side...
Did you ever wonder what the photon is 'bouncing' off of...???
It's not bouncing off anything...!!!
It's absorbed by an Electron in an Atom in the Glass,
Then a moment later, ( a very tiny moment ) the Electron reemits the Photon in a completely random direction...!!!
The only reason that mirrors and glass work is due to the overwhelmingly, fantastically huge number of Photons interacting with the mirror or glass, and consequently create a statistically perceivable 'Interference Pattern' that just happens to look like what's on the other side...!!!
So-- i donated that book to the library.
I'm thinking of getting a new book:
( If i don't check it out from a library first...
it wasn't at the main branch, but they may have one at Kapolei )
The Curious Incident of A Dog in The Night Time
Which is a line from a Sherlock Holmes Book...!!!
It refers to a mystery in which a dog does NOT bark at a burglar...!!!
The book however is a first person ( fictional ) account of an autistic ( asperger's ) child that solves, or at least investigates, the killing of a dog in his neighborhood...!!!
Speaking of Ala Moana Center...!!!
While i was over there this morning; i'd just come out of the FoodLand with a fancy coffee and two Danish thingers ( $4.14 ) and i'd set down the coffee & danishes and was putting my wallet away, when i heard a rather distinct, but faint: 'POP!' ...???
i got everything together and looked around a little bit, and noticed an apparently mute woman insisting to some people sitting nearby that while she had been walking along the mall strip at that moment, she had nothing to do with the Glass Door that had just moments before--
i went over to where the door was and briefly examined it...
It was 'Crackled' throughout, as Safety Glass is supposed to do, without actually breaking apart.
But near the very top, i could discern a circular impact point that did not appear to penetrate the door... it may have been made by a rock or BB or a low caliber Bullet...!!!
So i looked around; but didn't see anything suspicious...
Although; this scanning of the underground parking area was very superficial...
Thinking that it may have been a bullet...!!!
...i quickly left the area, and on my way upstairs, i passed a woman in an orange vest, apparently on her way to the incident... i told her that something 'Weird' had just happened and pointed vaguely in the direction of the door, but she seemed to already be aware that something weird had just happened, even though it had only been, literally a minute before, or so...???
After noting into her walky talky that a door had been shattered,
she immediately left the area...
So i went upstairs, besides Sears, and had my coffee and donuts---
and when i'd finished, i went back downstairs to see how the mystery of the broken door was playing out, and found only two security officers mulling around the door, that they'd secured off with 'DANGER' tape...!
There weren't any Police there, although 20 minutes must have passed by then...???
Does Ala Moana have a Sniper...!!! ( ??? )
Only time will tattle...

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