Friday, December 26, 2008

Various Bits

Have i mentioned Nightmares...?
Do you have Nightmares...?
Do they include Monsters...?
i don't really have Nightmares as such;
But i noticed that last night i had a Dream Element that i seem to recall having previously, which suggests that it may reoccur again...
It consisted of pulling Grass out of my mouth. Lots of Grass, Really long Grass that required me to pull it out, hand over hand for a very long time.
Which brings up another element that i have in my dreams;
Repeating Memes.
This is where i dream the same little fragment of a dream over & over again.
And if i get up to take a pee, When i lay back down, the repeating meme will start up again.
Another Reoccurring theme is Urinating.
i don't pee the Bed during these dreams, but i find myself peeing in the most inappropriate places.
The last common annoying/disturbing dream element i have is loosing my bookbag or backpack. When that happens, it is a scary dream. i hate losing things. Especially those very few little things that i always keep near me, in my bookbag. If i lost them, it would be very annoying to replace them.

- - -

Why i hate chrstmsa.
Chrstmsa is supposed to be a happy time, and it is usually very annoying.
Very stressful, Very Tiresome, Very Anxious.
And then on Chrstmsa Day; There is The Sad Present which sucks any time amount of happiness away from everything else.
The Sad Present is something really stupid, that someone got you, just because they had to get you something. And it's stupid. And it doesn't make you happy. And you're sad that someone had to get you something without really knowing you. And this Sad Present is usually from someone that really should know you well enough to get you something that is not stupid.
And it makes you very sad.

- - -

Things i got for Chrstmsa.
An Origami Calendar. It's a kit that includes the paper and instructions to make something new every day of the coming year. It looks like it was pretty well designed, although i haven't tested it yet. Very often; Origami instructions will either forget to include or glaze over some critical step, or the next illustration will look completely different from the previous illustration.
Creating Really Good Instructions is a Neglected Art Form.
Thanx Deana & Ernie!

Money from The Abby & Auntie Barebelly.
i think i might spend it on something that i've been meaning to get for a long time;
One of those hand drill tools that are actually a bunch of other things besides just a drill.
i've been meaning to get something like that for a long time, and use it to make some prototypes for some of my inventions. Like my AntiGravity Machine.
Thanx The Abby & Auntie Barebelly!

The Label Maker; The Sad Present that My Sister got me.
Apparently she'd always wanted a good Label maker for herself, so i let her keep it.
It was a very nice Label Maker, but i just don't label things.
My computer is full of lists, but that's not the same as labeling things.
Thanx Sandi!

Sandi also got me a New Orange Sweatshirt which i like a lot.
Thanx Sandi!

And some Other Crap.
Thanx Whoever!

- - -

There was also some confusion
That was Not Completely My Fault.

My Auntie Beverly apparently did not do To Much Shopping this year, as it has been snowing A LOT, and she doesn't drive much anymore... So she just gave out Envelopes of Money...!
And She put them all in One Bag, and Didn't come over to Sandi's to supervise their distribution...
So someone handed me this bag, which apparently had my envelope on top, and i didn't even open the envelope.
Because i was in one of my “Group DisOrientive States”;
So i was just pawing at the packages, trying not to throw up.
So later on; Sandi & Deana noticed that Beverly hadn't gotten anything for Derrick & Brandi & Sierra... So they called Beverly and asked about this, and she said that they had gotten some envelopes and a small sock of coins ( fancy coins ).
And everyone was searching for these envelopes, which were eventually; after about 3 hours of searching everywhere, in my bag, which i was sure that i had looked through at least twice...!!!
So it doesn't seem to me that it was really my fault.
There were some odd things about this bag, that should have tipped me off a little,
So i am willing to assume a solid 63% of the blame, And the other 37% should be the responsibility of the person that handed it to me.
i need more supervision. They should know that.

- - -

There are many other stories—
But while i often complain that my relatives aren't contributing to my Flickr collection of family snapshots, in the form of more pictures or anecdotes...
i hate to type too.
And i'm a terrible typer.
Even without Debilitating Arthritis...!
Which is the most common excuse given.

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