Friday, July 03, 2009

Something Very Odd From Flickr...

A little while ago; i gathered a few pictures from The Flickr Group:
Fix My Pic Please
And Fixed them in my own twisted ways.
Both pictures, featured here,
Were marked as Creative Commons with The Appendant ( By: )
Which means that if you use the picture in any way,
The Original Photographer,

In this case: mlctuckerphotography,
Has given you permission to do so,
So long as you give them credit for the original photography..

The Two Collages that i created were:

Taken from: Here


Taken from Here

And then The Craziness Started...
mlctuckerphotography was so annoyed with my renditions
( particularly the later image with the balloons )

That she posted this warming to all other members of The Fix My Pix Please Group...

There is someone named chrstphre that is taking our photos and turning them inappropriate. I know that we share our photos on here to have people work on them, but I am appaled at what he did to the pictures of my family members.

Then One of The Administrators for That Group got involved and Sent me this Missive...

I had member let me know they were quite upset with the editi you did of their wedding shot:

[ Removed by Flickr ]

While I am all up for a laugh at times, others are not, in particular this member. Could you please remove your work. Decapatation would fall under the realm of untasteful. Thanks.

By they way I work very hard on my groups and stuff at flickr. I have dedicated the last several years of my life....evry non-working waking moment on a foundation for a dear friend that was strangled at 17. This really rubs me the wrong way. Thanks for understanding

What i find particularly fascinating is that she has interpreted the transcendental enlightenment of the male figure as an act of violent decapitation...???

Irregardless of this;
Since i always chose the path of least resistance;
i did the right thing; by my standards, and removed the offending image...
By covering them with Censored Blocks

Which seemed to only inflame GrfxDziner;
So she continued to pester me with Additional posts...

So i very politely asked Flickr to Intervene by means of this request for clarification:

The picture that seems to be the principle focus of the trouble is:
[ No longer available at Flickr ]

i found the picture of the couple on Fix My Pic Please
And changed it in a manner that the original poster found unsatisfactory.
One of the Administrators also got involved in this ( GrfxDziner )
And insisted that i remove the picture.

Within a day or two of posting my collage; i removed it
( by coving it up with a CENSORED Block ( ! )
And Then apologized for my careless use of the original image, and mentioned, as well, that i would henceforth only be using pictures from my own group;
Please Ruin My Pic.

It might also be noted that i've been transforming images in this manner for a couple of years now, and the response has routinely been glee & delight, or passive benign indifference..!

These Steps were insufficient for GrfxDziner, who continues to harass me about this...???

One very troubling and mysterious element of this is that the way that i changed the image was to add a bunch of valentine hearts coming away of the woman's head, while i transformed the man's head into a group of balloons, floating way...
GrfxDziner somehow interpretted this as a violent act of decapitation, While it was substantially more akin to an allegorical representation of spiritual transcendence...???

i am deeply troubled by all this attention and would like some guidance from Flickr about this.

Thank you very much.

Sincerely; Chrstphre

To Which Flickr Responded by Deleting that Image of The Balloon Heads...!!!

Flickr's Note to me :

Hello, chrstphre!

This is an automatically generated copy of a help case reply:

I've removed "Apparenlty when you take a photo from "Fix My Pic Please " it doesn't give you full allowances to Fix it anyway you want...! You have to Fix it in EXACTLY The way that the Person posting it, Wanted you to fix it..." from your photostream. Posting it as you've done is abusive and could be considered as harassment. I'm not surprised that people are upset.



i followed all the rules, and while
mlctuckerphotography may have been unhappy with the results, it seems to me that once you've given over to A Creative Commons Licensing Agreement, you can't really run around micromanaging every little change that someone makes to an image that you've posted to a group specifically designed to do just that...???

So i responded with these to Flickr...

- - - - -
Number One:
Oops...!!! ( i didn't read the posting that Heather sent as carefully as i should have...!!!
i was very upset that they deleted a picture of nothing...! )

hi Heather...

It's certainly not very informative to simply have an image removed without some indication of why is was taken down.

i very much would like to comply with all rules ( rational or otherwise ) that Flickr would like to superimpose upon it's users,
But it's important to know what those rules are...

As far as i can guess; The original image was believed ( falsely ) to contain an act of violence,
But after the image was covered up... This was no longer was issue.

Why was it removed?



- - - - -
Number Two:

i just rechecked ( having checked for the first time actually )
That the original picture that i used for the collage ( taken from Fix My Pic Please )
Was Tagged as CC with the only condion being (By:)

i followed all the rules.

What happened?


- - - - -
Number Three:

i very much suspect that you are able to access the original image that was at first covered up by me with The CENSORED Block and the mysteriously removed by Flickr...

i would just like to provide you with access to the original image if for some reason you aren't able to retrieve it...

i've documented this fiasco ( in part ) at Most of What Happened...

Thanx again.

Your original response was so timely,
i am hoping that a follow up explanation for The Deletion of my Political Censored Block Image will be equally speedy...

Sincerely : Chrstphre

- - - - -
Number Four:
Curiously: ( !!! )
i read the Flickr Response from Heather a little too quickly
and missed the important bits...

But Still...!!!


i'm always reading things too quickly and i missed this little bit of your missive...

"Posting it as you've done is abusive and could be considered as harassment. I'm not surprised that people are upset."

But the things is...
i was in the Right.
The original image was CC and posted to a group that is intended to allow other members to specifically alter an image,
and then for The administrator to grossly MISINTERPRET that original image
and superimpose her own craziness on me,
and then to continue to harass me, over and over again,
AFTER i have given in to all their demands...
And you're saying that i can't even document that...???
GrfxDziner is a crazy person, And your position is that i can't document the harassment that she inflicted upon me...!

They were Censoring me,
and i can't benignly document that they were Censoring me...???

That's crazy.
i have bent over backwards to give into all their demands and i simply wanted to say that maybe if you want to micromanage every little detail that might occur in a Fix My Pic Picture, then maybe you should learn how to fix it yourself...

How about this...
Do i have Flickr's permission to withdraw all my previous acquiesces and repost the original collage.
That is; Once you give a picture a CC License,
and someone changes it in a manner that you don't approve of,
Can you withdraw that CC license Retroactively...???

It really seems to me that the collage i did was very benign,
and a substantial improvement over the compositional attributes of the original.
The original photographer has every right in the world to not like it,
and they can politely ask me to remove it...
But do they have a legal standing to do so...???

Is CC even legal in any way, or is it just a gentleman's agreement...?

This has really confused me.

i really, really, really, really feel that i have been severely wronged...!

Please Clarify this for me...!


Sincerely : Chrstphre

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

More Nonsense...!!!


GrfxDziner said...

While I can appreciate your concern Chrstphre. If you do an edit for someone and they do not like it, you are not allowed to post it. Creative Commons (CC) Licensing cleary states this:

Please take the time to read it, and particular the Moral Rights section. Just scroll down a bit, and you will see it.

It states that the Originator can refuse the allowance of the derivative, if they find it derogative. Which they did, and which relayed to you most politely.

Quite simply, they didn't like your edit. It has happened to me before, and I always remove it immediately, because that is what is required.

You may find your edit humorous, the owner did not. no big deal really.

Wm Jas Tychonievich said...

I don't trust any Flickr user who has "photography" in their name.