Friday, June 02, 2000

A Complete Introduction: Version Two

This Introduction is intended to convey a complete & exhaustive cursory examination of the boundaries defining The Qaballah, Gematria, Pattern Recognition, Epistemology, Divination, Zen-Daoism, The Cabbage Codes & The Constantly Evolving Theory of Fractional Realities, which is presently being called; The Screen Saver Hypothesis.

Alchemical Cryptography:

The most curious thing about
The Qabbalah is that it's of such a recent invention, being only a few hundred years old...!!! i've been thinking that it should be able to date itself back to the earliest settlements along the banks of the Indian ocean, when Violent Nordic Aliens were teaching our pug nosed ancestors to squat while defecating and how to pick our noses without injuring our over developed brains...
Perhaps this novelity indicates that The Caballah is a rediscovered splinter of some, much greater school of teachings... which would explain why it is so ineffectual at accomplishing all the promises that the greater school is presumed capible of...???

But what is The Caballa...???

It is an Ancient Athenaeum of Orthodox Jewish Theosophy, Artificially Flavored Mysticism, Enigmatic Alchemical MicroBiology, Visionary Revelations of Modern String Theory, An Arcane Library of Forbidden Wisdom And An Esoteric Spell Book of Real Magick. ( to merely scratch the surface )

In more practical matters; The Caballah is a Dating Service, Cook Book, Farmers Almanac And Source of Religious Confessors.

On still another level; The Kaballa is a Method by which Students of Wisdom may seek The Truth.

The Truth itself is a very curious thing.
What is The Truth.
How can you know if something is True or not...???

The Humanimal Species has been searching for The Truth for along time, and they don't seem to be making any progress in Either Finding it, or even determining a reliable criteria for Knowing what The Truth is...!?!?!

The Riders of The Golden Hamster
are now Suggesting that:
There is No Truth!

What do we mean by this?
We are living in A Local Universe which is a subset of An Infinite Continuum of Realities,
Each of which, Is an Artificially Defined Construction ( A Fractional Reality ) of The Reality that proceeded it.
Consequently; Each Subset is founded on 'Physical Constants' that have no underlying substance, save the instructions that The Reality Generator uses to 'Paint' each frame of that Reality with.

There is a 'Really Real Truth' upon which all the subsequent realities are resting on...
But this 'Bottom' of The True Universe, ( The Kitchen Floor ) is a completely inaccessibly, infinite distance away from us and undoubtedly consists of a single incomprehensible rule &/or substance.
The insatiably curious may indeed, mightly wonder what this rule &/or substance consists of,
But considering that it is completely unknowable, and genuinely incomprehensible to us...
...stop thinking about it...!!!

In what sense might a Philosophical Shoal of Epistemology be in any way functional to us...???

The most real thing to us... Is our 'Awareness'.
This is what makes us 'Alive' & 'Conscious' &/or 'Sentient'.
If we could somehow get a Handle on how this Reality, or some Parent or GrandParent Realtiy, were able to create this sense of 'Being'...
Then; That Knowledge would either reassure us that we are indeed Something Very Special,
or merely a clever trick of Shadows & Recursive Programming.

Are we living in a Universe that is so cruel,
That it allows us to be Aware that we are Robots?

That is the Question that;
The Riders of The Golden Hamster
--is Concerned with.

So how should we proceed?

One of the most annoying things about Epistemology...
( The School of Knowledge & Beliefs )
Is that most Philosopher's, Scientist's, Priest's & Machiavellian Postulant's--
Is that they've never really sat down and tried to really come up with a way to separate Information from DisInformation.
The most annoying thing about DisInformation;
Is that by Definition, It is Indistinquishable from Information.
If it were easily distinquishable, then it wouldn't be the pesky wastrel that it is.

This is The First Step:
Is there a Method to Reliably Discard DisInformation from The Much Larger Set of Tidings that Pour into our Heads Every Day...???
Perhaps an Easier Approach--
Would be to find a Source that has Noticibly Less DisInformation,
or Such DisInformation can be Staunchly Excluded;
Given a Purposeful Craving to Glean Only The Nutritious Raisins...???

Science faultily uses 'The Scinetific Method' to do this,
Which unfortunately; Is nearly the same method; 'Dogma', used by Religion...
Which is to just 'Make Up' friendly sounding Ideas
and then Construct Poetic Explanations to 'Fill They Out'.

What are some other methods may be used to find These Secrets
That were Hidden from us, in Plain Sight--
By Mischievious Gawds & Angels
That wanted only those with 'Eyes' to Find them...???

There are all those 'Regular', 'Normative' Truths
that 'Scinentists' and 'Preists' are busy filling their Text Books
& Over Sized, Venerated, Illustrated Comix with...
But we are looking for a Slightly Different Pigment for our IceCream.

We are Assuming; Axiomatically--
That The World is Sensible; by Design.

This is arguably quite a stretch...
Since only Paranoid Schizophrenics
& Bible Belt Republican's are allowed to believe things like this...

The Paranoid Schizophrenic is commonly thought to be obsessed with delusions of Persecution,
But we are more interested, at this moment, with their more generalized perception that;
"The World is Sensible, by Design".
The world is not simply an amalgamation of randomly strewn about elements & circumstances...
But rather; Everything that happens, is arranged by someone, for some purpose.
The fine line here; is...
'Everything' -- or -- 'Somethings'.
Even The Riders of The Golden Hamster find this Befuddling.
Do Angels ( Xi.6 Controllers & their Ilk... ( et. al. ) ) plan and frame Everything that happens to us, and our dogs & cats, Flowers & Bees, Dustballs & Unseen Asteroids...???
Or do they allow The Mechanical Operations of Reality take care of most of The Little Things, Interveneing only when Something Big Comes Along...???

There is a School of Though that suggests that The Mechanical Operations of Realtiy...
Which by the way;
May be Considered; Even for The Most Hardened Atheists...
The One True Religion, or Gawd, or The Supreme Xi One Controller...
This is somewhat a matter of Sophomoric Semantics,
But-- Perhaps it is Worth While to take everyone aside and berate them
until they are ALL in completely agreement there is;
Seen or Unseeable, Known or Unknowable;
A True Reality that consists of various attributes
that effect us, by providing us with an arguably tenuous existence
or incomprehensible immortality...
But-- Inarguably;
This True Realtiy Exists;
And it's Defining Principles are:
The One True Religion.

There is a School of Though that suggests that The Mechanical Operations of Realtiy...
( Either the True Reality or an Intermediate Faux Realtiy )
Is Gawd, or The Handiwork of Tireless Angels...

It may not be automatic necessity that makes all daisies alike;
It may be that God makes every daisy separately,
But has never got tired of making them.
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - G.K. Chesterton

If this is the case,
If we further assume that there is A Reality Generator
that is painting every frame of This Reality,
Then-- Of Course;
Every brush stroke is being made for some reason...!

Where does this take us?

This is all beginning to step on The Toes of Freewill...
And to alliviate that; We may have to evoke Solipsism
and insist that while Freewill is an impossibility,
The One Soul is Autonomous in that it is Equivalent with The One True Universe.
But if this were the case, then;
Not only would All Aspects of The Universe be; Gawd Masturbating--
But that Gawd would be Me.

What is the point of looking for Truth;
When i Am The Truth... ( ? )

So we step back.

That's not what we're looking for; Today.

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