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Introduction to The Gematria...

Introduction to
The Gematria,
& The Cabbage Codes.

The Gematria as i commonly misunderstand it,
Is a Subset of The
A Mystical Philosophy, Alchemical Science,
Arcane Library of Forbidden Knowledge,
Enigmatic Ranting & Visionary Revelations of The Occult.

The Gematria itself is a Method by which Secret Messages,
that are hidden in Various Religious Texts,
May be Revealed to those that know how to use The Tools
available to All Humanimals.
These Tools were placed with The Brains of our distant ancestors,
shortly after the Fall of Adam & Eve,
So that at some unspecified Future time,
We would be able to listen directly to the Word
of The Xi.6 Controllers.
( or Gawds; if you prefer. )

The Cabbage Codes
are a further Subset and Expansion of The Gematria,
in that The Riders of The Golden Hamster--
( An Breakaway Sect of The Babynous Cult )
--Have long desired to find a method
by which we could know the inner-most
and personal private thoughts of The Xi.6 Controllers.

The Great Cabbage is The Xi.7 Controller(s).
Our Monads,
may originate at the Xi.7 Level
along The Infinite Continuum of Realities...
or not...!!!
But this is inconsequential for the time being.
Knowledge of these levels will almost certainly
be forever inaccessible to us...
The Xi.6 or Xi.7 Controllers
decide to lift us up out of this rung of
The Continuum and show us what their Reality is like.
For all the good it will do any of us...
Since their Realities are just as Transient as ours...!!!

But i digress.

The Cabbage Codes are a method by which
A Key is Revealed to a High Priest or Priestess--
( Some Priestess' like to be called Priests;
In the same sense that Female Doctor's
are not called Doctoress's...!!! )
Be that as it may...

This Key is an Alphanumeric Guide
by which each letter of the Alphabet
is assigned a specific Value...
( The Gematria often allows Characters
to take on Values that range along a magnitude;
Such as A may be 1 or 10 or 100...
The Cabbage Codes ( to date )
Only allow One Value per Character,
and The Riders of The Golden Hamster
believe that this results in a much less ambiguous
and more Authoritative Message! )

The Wonderful thing about The Gematria
& The Cabbage Codes--
Is that The Messages that they Reveal are InCorruptible...!!!
There is just No Way
that some Nefarious Humanimal
could insert all The Messages into The Search Texts
that are routinely found...!
While The Bible, Torah & other Religious Volumes
were written by Either Humanimals
or Demons,
The Secret Underlying Messages that These--
--Volumes Contain,
Could Only have been Placed there by The Great Cabbage
( or Xi.6/7 Controllers ).
When you discover these Messages,
you are seeing The UnMistakable,
InCorruptible, UnAmbiguous
>>Word of Gawd<<
There can be no mistake on this issue.
As mentioned Earlier;
These messages are incorrporated
into EVERY text that is Available for Searching...!
These Messages are Inserted into
the Very Fabric of Our Reality.
It's hard to Emphasis something like this enough...

"Space; it's big, really big."
Douglas Addams

These messages are effectively everywhere,
But The Gematria & The Cabbage Codes
are only able to look at this one tiny sliver
of What The Xi.6/7 Controllers are trying to tell us...
Or-- What they are willing to let us know...

( This distinction may hold a subtle difference
in how we perceive their attitude towards us...! )

There are undoubtedly Scientifically Oriented messages
hidden in every Life Form,
in their DNA certainly,
Pithy Aphorisms may be etched along
the edges of Snowflakes,
Clever Riddles scratched on
the surface of every Electron,
Instructive Morality Tales in
the White Noise of Water Falls & Radio Static--
And of Course;
Poetry that is hanging in plain sight,
as every Cloud floats by.

The Tools to Read these Messages is Waiting to Be Discovered.

If you doubt for a moment that any of this is true...
Then please consider your Brain.
The Humanimal Brain.
It was Designed by The Xi.6 Controllers...
( however you imagine them! )
...And made to do One Thing.
That is; Recognize Patterns.
Sight, Hearing, Touch, Taste & The Sense of Smell--
Are the methods by which we form the content of our minds,
Are the holes which let in
The Chaotic Tumult of The World,
and from that,
we are able to pick out The Interesting bits.
How can we do this?
By finding The Hidden Patterns.

The Curious Thing about Patterns...
Or Order...
Is that There is Order in Everything.
And by that, i mean...
Although we have an idea of Randomality,
There is no such animal!
Any Example of Noise, or Confusion...
( ! )
...Can be sorted out and made sense of...!!!

It has been suggested that;
because this is true,
Anything may be made be appear Sensible...!

But with The Cabbage Codes;
There exists a Double Layer of interlocking
Pattern Recognition Safety Protocols
that prevent False Messages from being
Coercively Disposed upon you...!
The First Layer is
The Decryption Method Itself,
which relies on an Elegant & Uncontrived Key
that Reveals the Messages.
The Second Layer is
that You; The Reader,
is given the Responsibility of Determining
if The Messages are True--
or Merely Petty, Inconsequential Artifacts of a Clever,
But Meaningless Statistical Ruse...!!!

The Chances of Intelligible Messages
along the orders that The Cabbage Codes Reveal
is Impossibly small to have occurred by random deception.
To believe that The Messages are the result
of such haphazard causality,
Requires a much Greater placement of Faith;
that there is no Gawd,
than simply turning on your brain
for five seconds
to see that Reason & Logic are the basis
for Using The Cabbage Codes to Find
a Grander Understanding of The World
that We are Trapped Within.
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Gematria Fun:

Simple English Gematria
by Wm Jas Tychonievich
of The Simplest Gematria Key: A = 1, B = 2, C = 3 ... Z = 26
You can boost this Key by various factors and All The Equivalencies will Still Work,
A = 6, B = 12, C = 18 ... is another Common Variation...
In which:
Jesus = 444 - Yshua = 444 - Messiah = 444 - Cross = 444
Gospel = 444 - God Son = 444
Heaven and Hell = 666 - Mark Of Beast = 666
Unfortunately: Lucifer = 444
The King Jesus = 888 - God Son Jesus = 888 - Jewish Messiah = 888
Jesus Gospel = 888 - Jesus Cross = 888 - Jesus Is Arabian = 888
Jesus In A Tomb = 888 - Who Is Jesus = 888 - Messiah Jesus = 888
Live In Christ = 888 - The House Of God = 888 - The Trinity = 888
King Of The Sabbath = 888 - The Lion Of Judah = 888
Jesus Is Lord = 906 - Jesus Is Alive = 906 - Christ Jesus = 906
Lord Of Hosts = 906 - Son Of The Lord = 906 - Holy Spirit = 906
Jesus And Father = 906 - LOVE IS THE LAW = 906
While A = 9, B = 18, C = 27 ... Results in both Jesus & Lucifer = 666...!!!

This is another AMAZING Presentation by Tychonievich
in which an arguably highly contrived Gematria
Results in a whole slew of UNBELIEVABLE Equivalences...!!!

The Cabbage Codes:
Did this have anything to do with Harriet Mier's Resignation...???
These three Cabbage Codes are Single Target Creations,
In which The Keys are Amazingly UNCONTRIVED,
Which was one of The Original Principle Proofs of Authenticity...!
Later; It was allowed, By way of The Super Evil Approach,
That Multiple Targets were a More Convincing Proof...! ( ? )

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