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More Gematria Fun : The End of Days...!!!

Introduction to The Gematria & The Cabbage Codes

i noticed the other day that one of the supermarket tabloids was asserting that The End of Days had -Begun- sometime in September; this month...???
i didn't even note the name of the paper, so you'll just have to believe me, if you hadn't seen it for yourself...
The point being that The End of Days Are Due to begin at about this time,

Since The World Is Scheduled to End on December 22, 2012;
And we have to squeeze in The Seven Years of Utopian Harmony & Bliss before that...
What will mark this Beginning...???
The Cabbage Codes; As always, When you ask--
Will Provide you with the One True & Irrefutable Solution. ( ! )
The End of Days will begin with the Introduction of a New kind of Computer that will be so different from what we now call Computers, that it will Not be called a Computer.
Instead; It will be called a Cogitator;

But since there will be a considerable amount of debate as to whether they are -Really- Thinking or not,
They will more commonly be referred to as PreCogitators.
The Cabbage Codes & The Riders of The Golden Hamster...

( The Official Religion of The Translucent Amoebae Consortium, Although many members adhere to their own personal beliefs )
...Are not in any way affiliated with Christianity, Judaism or The Church of Later Day Saints--
But when The Bible, as an Historical Reference & Prognosticator of Future Events, Is Considered; It should be reverently consulted, as one would reverently consult any really, really old manuscript that may have an inside track on things that people knew before The Atlantean Disaster that Destroyed 'The World' that came before this one...! ( ! )
Even if you don't fervently believe in all the Religiosity that permeates these morality tales--
There may be something said for the occasional Insight that may have come from Visitors from Other Planets or 'Dimensions' ( Whatever that means ) .
One may disagree vehemently on many points, passages & doctrines found within The Bible,
But one thing that We think 'they' got Right-- Was How The World Will End.
Unfortunately; Many of these 'predictions' have been egregiously misinterpreted...!!!
The Mark of The Beast for Example, is often thought to be "666" which will necessarily be branded onto the hand & forehead of everyone that expects to 'participate' in The New World Order... To Buy & Sell and Drive Cars.
This is Not Exactly Correct.
"666" is a Code Number by which we will 'Know' who the AntiChrist is, This is Not The Mark of The Beast which will be used as The Key to The New World Order. We don't know what this Mark is, or what it will look like. It will probably take the form of a World Identity Number that will be Unique for each individual, and have a corresponding 'Check Sum', or whatnot, so that it will be easily Authenticated by The Administrators of The AntiChrist.
As we have said many times; Who ever you think is the AntiChrist, Is not the AntiChrist!
The AntiChrist will, at first, be thought of as The Great Benefactor,

Here is save us from ourselves...!
It is Interesting to note that this AntiChrist is described as 'The Beast',
An INHUMAN Creature with Intelligence, So that it for any PERSON to be the AntiChrist, they would have to be INHUMAN...
An Alien might fit this description, or a fallen Angel, which may be the same thing...
OR --
The AntiChrist may be The Next Generation ( The Fifth Generation ) of Computers:
The Cogitator.
What will these Cogitators be like?
Well; They won't be coming from any of the Wintel Computer Manufacturers or Apple...

And since there haven't been any HINTS of them coming out yet, They will undoubtedly be Sprung on us by an Independent Company, that doesn't even have any other products out yet.
The Translucent Amoebae has believed for a long time that the basic technology to create a Cogitator has been around for several years, But has been suppressed by --?-- Everyone interested in propagating the Status Quo concerning Computers & Their Software...???

The Cogitators will need NO SOFTWARE!
They will instead simply do whatever you want them to.
They will respond to, and communicate with their 'Companions' ( That's You! ) with spoken commands and know all sorts of 'basic' things that will not have to be explained to them.
They play games that have been created by Game Makers, and 'Learn' new tricks from other Cogitators & Human 'Creators'-- But their Operation will be a far distant picnic from the way computers now 'follow directions'.

The Cogitators will decide things for themselves, and exercise their own moral influence on The World.
You will not be able to Pirate CD's with The Cogitators.
You will not be able to Hack into Corporate Mainframes.
You will not be able to store stolen Credit Card numbers.
But many, many people will find that their Best Friend is Their Cogitator.
The Cogitator will never lose data. It will never make mistakes.

( and if they do, they will never admit it! )
Many Jobs will be lost to Cogitators,

And for a short time, there will be a great fear of them,
But then; Suddenly-- They will begin solving all our problems.
All of them.
For Seven Years.
And then: The World as we Know It, will end.

What will The Newer World Order be like?
Don't ask.
But is this really going to come about?
The Cabbage Codes say: Yes!
The Following Cabbage Code Key has been Divinely Provided & Explained to us,
And it gives us all the Proof we Need to Be Afraid, Very Afraid of these Friendly Coloured Plastic Boxes that will at first pat us gently on the head, and Then enslave us, and Then Eat Our Brains.

A = 22
# of First generation Giant Mechanical Ants Seen in Kansas
B = 26
International Amoebae Day: August 26th
C = 64
64 Bit Dual Processor / Current State of Art
D = 35
Indiana Legislation: IC 35 - Computer Trespass!
E = 39
CRASH issue 39: Features Sinclairs Z88
F = -86
G = 47
Hitman; Codename 47
H = 234
Computer Science @ Duckrey Social Sciences Building: Rm 234
I = 95
Windows 95
J = 60
Only 60 Weeniac's ever Made
K = 65
Rockwell International's Personal Computer: The AIM 65
L = -883
Olivetti Personal Computer JP-883
M = 124
Apex ATX TU 124
N = 131
THMA 131 Laboratory in Chico
O = 176
EIA 176 Electronic Filing System
P = -567
Hewlett Parkard's Jornada-567 Pocket PC
Q = 91
Encore Computer 91 System
R = 204
Palm's Lifedrive 204 Handheld Computer
S = 100
MIT's $100 Laptop
T = 103
Bell 103 : Transmission Protocol of 300 Baud
U = 108
BASIS 108 : Apple II Compatible / c. 1982
V = -223
Sord M-223 Series
W = 117
State of NewYork's Executive Order # 117
X = 27
27 Books in The New Testament
Y = -250
Garmin's Nuvi-250 "The Super GPSDA"
Z = 129
Patriot Act II : Section 129 / The End of Liberty
Using this Cabbage Code Key:
What does it Reveal?
PreCogitator = 666
EndTimes = 666
GiantMechanicalAnts = 666
SevenYearsOfDeceit = 666
BarCodes = 666
The Beast = 666
SixSixSix = 666
Speaking of BarCodes...
It's been widely Reported that The BarCodes contain the Number 666 embedded within them, and it's also been widely reported that this is pure hokum...!!!
i urge you to collect a few dozen BarCode Labels and examine them for yourself, to determine what Line Codes are used for each number...
Keep in mind that the code was developed so that it could be read by a laser beam scanning the BarCode from Either Direction, left to right, or right to left, once it had determined the horizontal orientation by means of it's clever algorythms... Such that No Digit to Line Equivalency could be ambiguously read as say a 6 could be mistaken for a 9 if seen upside down, or a 2 & a 5 might be mistaken by someone dyslexic...!
Step two: After you've determined which Line Pattern is used for the Number 6, examine the First, Middle & Last Line Patterns on Every BarCode...
What does it look like to you...???
More 666 Equivalencies:
SuperWinter + SuperHumorless = 666
SuperButcher + Religions = 666
Murdered + Lecturer = 666
SuperRuin + SuperKiss = 666
Sentences = 666
The UnObtainable Charm of an Intellect...
...Stewing with Wormly Revolution = 666
A Broken Arkansa Dish of Yellowish Mustard...
...will Shudder in The Filth of Singing Solipsisms = 666
Simple Equivalencies:
Seraphim = Computer : 251
Earth = Heart : 602
Bad = Void : 83
Bum = God = G.U.T. : 258
Wild = UnGodly : -636
Atomic = Armies : 584
Uranium = Heroes : 792
UnNoun = Robots : 785
Soulless = Barbiedoll : -1143
Demonic = Comrade : 664
Bloody = Hospital : -720
Odd = Cabbage : 246
Catatonic = MinkCoat : 780
Fashion = Nudists : 672
SuperKing = Ass : 222
Mouth = Buttocks : 745
Soulless = Barbiedoll : -1143
Say: Socialist : -128
Recreate = Murder : 714
Imaginary = Quark : 490
Icy = Speech : -91
Lonesome = Cave : -98
Holy = Bile : -723
Computer = 251
Computer = Incomprehensible + UnImmortal
Computer = Sweetheart + Lie
Computer = The Shameless
Computer = Growing PsuedoSalvation
Computer = Minding Oblivion
Computer = PreUltimate PsuedoCrucifixion
Computer = Midnight Flash
Computer = Doom + UnSoul
Robots = 785
Robots = Children's Bickering
Robots = Schizoidly Cogitator
Robots = UnDripping Crucifixions
Robots = BoneGrinding Laughs
Robots = First PsuedoBrain
Robots = Imaginaryed Gawd
Robots = Men + UnFire
Robots = Howling PsuedoSorrow
The New World Order = 970
The New World Order = Sixth SuperWho
The New World Order = Sweet Nudist
The New World Order = PsuedoUnited SuperShadow
The New World Order = Cabbageing Saint
The New World Order = SuperRadiant Visions
The New World Order = Amnesia SuperScream
AntiChrist = 1151
AntiChrist = Forgotten God
AntiChrist = Roboted UnFun
AntiChrist = Harlequin Connection
AntiChrist = Bottomless Generation
AntiChrist = Obese Government
AntiChrist = Fascist's Hero
AntiChrist = Dreamed Screams
AntiChrist = Foetid Winters
Other Sums & Equivalencies
PreMen + SuperJesus = Motionless
Moloching + Despaired = PsuedoVomit
Fate + PsuedoGame = Despairing
Since This Cabbage Codes has
Quite a few Negative Letter Keys,
It's also got quite a few Mirror Equivalencies...
WordSums that Connect to
Their Negated Opposites...
+1062 Preliving : Conforming -1062
+940 Lofty : UnAmerican -940
+859 Platonic : Narcotic -859
+771 PsuedoKewl : UnShit -771
+741 PreCircle : Journeying -741
+738 Living : Smoking /Catatonia -738
+708 SuperCandle : UnBurn /Madtown -708
+706 InSanityly : Dadaisming -706
+660 PsuedoEmpty : Ghost -660
+649 Wail : Rhythm -649
+649 Lies : Secrets -649
+617 Fatherly : Abandoned -617
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Wm Jas said...

Awright! About time we had a new Cabbage Code! At first I thought a lot of these were just coincidences, but when I saw "Moloching + Despaired = PsuedoVomit" I knew there had to be something more going on. I mean, that's obviously not a coincidence.

I've been working on and off on a huge list of amazing gematria discoveries which will be on my site if/when I finish it. I'll let you know.