Wednesday, October 11, 2000

Do you Believe that Angels are Testing You?

i believe that angels are testing me all the time.
There is a rather odd perspective pertaining to the universe,
If you assume; A-Priori, ( with only a tiny modicum of evidence )
that the universe is effectively impossible, and that for it to appear as a seemingly solid collection of jiggling dust-balls with serious mischief tucked under each armpit...
Then: The only viable solution is a combination of beliefs that include
Xi Point Six Controllers;
Which use as agents of their will: Angels
And The Accompanying Presumption that Everything is Wrong.
Given that:
  1. This morning while i was wandering around Ala Moana Shopping Mall, before the shops had opened, i spied a shoe box in a trash receptacle, and since i can't resist looking into any box of any kind, i looked inside this one. What was in it...? Shoes...! Two perfectly good, Nearly Brand-New Nike Tennis Shoes...!!! i tried the left one on-- It was a perfect fit...! But i didn't like the colour... The styling was OK-- i guess...??? But they were entirely White...! and i hate entirely White shoes, so i left them on the top of the trash can. -- But i need some new shoes...!!! These Sandals that i bought from Waldomart a few short months ago are already falling apart, and the heels are really killing my feet...!!! So should i have taken the All White Tennis shoes and worn them...??? Or-- Should i not have...??? It seems OBVIOUS to me that it was a test created by Angels...!!! Did i Pass or Fail-- [ ??? ]
  2. -- ? --

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